AEW Fight Forever Stadium Stampede Mode Will Feature 30 Players

A leak sheds details on AEW Fight Forever Stadium Stampede Mode featuring 30 players and this could make this the next big wrestling game.

AEW Fight Forever Stadium Stampede Mode will have 30 players
AEW Fight Forever Stadium Stampede Mode will have 30 players

A limited number of wrestling games are out there, and the list narrows even further when you consider the quality of certain titles. But among this, a new entry might change how we look at wrestling games: AEW Fight Forever. Fight Forever has had more and more information released over the year, but now we have also had a major leak. AEW Fight Forever Stadium Stampede Mode will have 30 players, which shows that this game might be one of the most ambitious.


  • AEW Fight Forever aims to be one of the best wrestling games released recently.
  • One of the things that might make this happen is the leak that the game will have a 30-player battle royal mode.
  • In addition to this mode, this game is layered with features that will make it stand out.

AEW Fight Forever is the first game for AEW wrestling, and it is looking to be bigger than its WWE competitors. The game is going to be released on all major consoles, and it is aiming to have a huge roster. But while all of this is fantastic, the most exciting part was just leaked by Lynch on Twitter.

Lynch reported that a data mining leak had revealed a new gaming mode that hadn’t been reported yet. The game mode is called stadium stampede, one of the most ambitious modes we have seen in a game in years. This game mode will take 30 players and allow them to square off for supremacy.

Now you are probably thinking about how thirty players will square off in this game. The key thing that has been announced for the game is that it will have cross-play, allowing any owner to play with anyone who owns the game. Given how well cross-play has progressed, the feature could be as smooth as regular online play.

This mode is also exciting because Fight Forever will have a massive roster for you to choose from. It rivals that of other games on the market, and with the leak of the stadium stampede, we can assume that the roster will include at least 30 people. In addition to this, it has been confirmed that you will be able to select different outfits for the wrestlers.

This game will also come with other modes, such as one-on-one matches or tag team fights. There are ten plus game modes that you will be using, and while Stadium Stampede will not release with the game, Lynch speculates that it could be added later as a patch. It will likely be part of the game as it occupies a significant part of its memory.

So AEW Fight Forever could end up being one of the best wrestling games we have seen in years, but only time will tell. Whatever happens, the fact that games are starting to plan for 30 players as standard is something to consider.

That is all that we have on AEW Fight Forever Stadium Stampede Mode will have 30 players.

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