Age Of Empires II Is Exceptionally Balanced For Crossplay

It has been revealed that Age Of Empires is balanced for crossplay and it opens a world of possibilities for the game.

Age Of Empires Is Balanced For Crossplay
Age Of Empires Is Balanced For Crossplay

Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition is one of the hottest RTS games and has boosted the series. AOE II had several improvements and updates made when it was imported to the Xbox console. One of these updates and improvements was making sure that Age Of Empires is balanced for crossplay


  • Age Of Empires II: DE is one of the most popular and played strategy games on consoles.
  • One of the reasons that this game is so popular is due to its overhauled and improved multiplayer system.
  • This system has been so well designed that it can be used in crossplay between console and pc players.

Age Of Empires II: Definitive Edition is a trendy title right now, and it is for several good reasons. First, this game was widely popular even before the definitive edition came out. Many of the upgrades we have seen in the game have only increased its popularity, making it more widely available and accessible to new players.

These upgrades and changes were applied all over the game, and one area that has seen the most remarkable change has been multiplayer. The most common game modes are still the standard Random Map, with Empire War and Death Match close behind. There are other game modes, but these three are the ones that I suspect get the most play due to the nature of the mode and the upgrades to the game.

The largest of these changes is how the game’s controls and play style have been carefully balanced so that console players can play evenly with PC players. At first, I doubted that this mechanic would work, given that the two systems work so differently. The thing that eventually showed me what this could do was a post from Klobrille

Klobrille has been playing this game since its release and giving repeated updates on its progress. They state that the game has been a joy to play, and the multiplayer has been exceptionally well crafted. After playing multiplayer and a few rounds, they felt confident that they enabled crossplay.

Now cross, play varies from the game too, but for most, it wouldn’t make much of a difference, such as with FPS games or even platformers, where this can make a difference, though it is the fact that RTS games often have better control mapping than on console. So to say that I was surprised when Klobrillle enabled crossplay and one the first match would be an understatement.

So with this level of compatibility, we might very well see a day when it won’t matter what console or hardware you use to play your game. That is all we have on the fact that Age Of Empires is balanced for crossplay.

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