Andrew Walsh Joined The Fable Game Project Confirmed On LinkedIn

Latest post of LinkedIn from Andrew Walsh confirms joining the Fable Game Project and also gives small teaser of the project as well.

Andrew Walsh Fable Announcement Cover Image
Andrew Walsh Joined Fable Game Project

Fable new game is under development for years, but we have not heard anything about it since the rumors came out. Now we know the project is officially moving forward because of a recent announcement that Andrew Walsh joined the Fable Game Project.

Story Highlights

  • Andrew Walsh took it to LinkedIn and announced that he had joined the Fable Game Project.
  • He is an experienced writer with multiple game credits under his work.
  • Now that he is working on the new Fable game project, we have received more details on what to expect from the future release.


Andrew Walsh Fable Announcement
Andrew Walsh Fable Announcement

Andrew Walsh is a Narrative writer and has worked on multiple video games in his 20+ year career. He has worked on numerous AAA titles that include a variety of franchises, including Watch Dogs, Shadow of War, and even Prince of Persia.

With such varied writing credit, it is not surprising that game studios would seek him out for their games. Adding Walsh is a good sign if they are working on the actual story and script for the Fable game.

The game is likely moving into a ending stage of production, which is a good sign. It means that the game is moving in the initial idea phase. Many games can get stuck in this phase and never move past it. So it is good to see that the Fable game has cleared that phase.

Bringing in a writer like Andrew Walsh to design your game’s narrative and script means it is still in the early stage, since it still needs a narrative. This time, more ideas are added to the game, and many things are being worked to make it practical. This is a necessary step in the game design process; even reaching it is an impressive mark.

We don’t have many details on the new Fable project, but we know a few things from Andrew Walsh’s announcement. The first thing we know for sure is that this game will take place in Albion. He has shared these details in his announcement message on LinkedIn with a picture of the titular kingdom. Beyond this, one would have to assume the game will follow a different structure than others in the series.

Fable tends to have a very similar plot that beats for its overall story. You usually play as a member of the nobility and set out on an adventure to save your kingdom.

That is all we have on the news of Andrew Walsh joining the fable game project. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Fable game release? We would love to hear it in the comments section below.

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