Apex Legends New Care Package Ability To Scan Containing Items Before Landing

Datamining suggests a new ability of scanning the care package items before it lands.

Apex Legends Care Package scan
Apex Legends Care Package scan

Apex Legends care package seemingly has a new ability to see what items it holds before it lands. Datamining also shows that time till the care package drop will also be viewable now. These two new abilities to scan and calculate timing until care package drops will change how fights and 3rd party fights occur over care packages.


  • A shift in how fights over care packages play out will most likely happen depending on the loot and how valuable it is at the specific time of the game.
  • It will also increase the number of fights on specific care packages containing high-tier loot.
  • This new change might be exclusive to a particular class or Legend.
  • Players can also expect this change to be meant for LTM Events, or town takeovers, as the code isn’t specified for anything yet.

Thanks to data mining, we have some new gameplay changes in the game, which will affect how fights play out in Apex Legends. With the two new abilities, players are seeing what care packages hold and till how much time a care package will take to drop down.

Indeed this new ability will shift many team fight engagements, and players will obviously calculate and plan out how much they want certain loot inside a care package. This means more teams engage with a care package containing high-tier loot than a not-so-favorable one based on community preferences.

For example, a care package containing a Kraber will most likely have a lot of engaging teams that will result in a higher number of 3rd party fights. But on the flip side, a care package containing Eva-8 might not have many engaging teams. It is because Eva-8 is not that much adored by the community because of all the recent nerfs that shifted it from being a meta-shotgun.

Now clarifying how Apex Legends care package items will be viewable and how the timer till the drop will be shown to players is in form of a call-out. The data mined code names the callout as Care_Package_insight and quotes “Care Package containing ITEM dropping in SPECIFIED seconds.” After the package drops it will run a callout quoting, “Care Package is containing ITEM”.

Apex Legends Care package weapons
The data mined code for the care package’s new changes.

The question arises if it’s something like a new passive of a particular type of legend or a specific legend like Loba. It is not specified yet. According to the data miner, it is in the main prompts and not specified in certain legends.

This is very concerning as it will be indirect nerf to Loba further. Unless they plan to change it into a Loba passive buff or a buff for support legends altogether, meaning both Loba and Lifeline would be able to call out package timer and package items.

It also seems that it is intended to be implemented into the primary battle royale mode, as nothing is specified. But it could be for LTMs, Events, or town takeovers.

If it is for LTMs, it could make them more fun and intense. Having the insight to tell how much time to drop and what it holds will make it more fun to calculate your plays inside the LTMs and get some good plays out of it. The same also goes for if it is implemented into the main game.

That’s all the current info on the new Apex Legends Care package change. Hopefully, this change doesn’t upset the community much and will set up a more intense and fun game experience. Let us know your opinions and your expectations in the comment section below.

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