Apex Legends Seer New Heirloom Is A Sickle

A dataminer has found a line of code referencing Seer's new heirloom to be a sickle.

Apex Legends Seer Heirloom sickle
Apex Legends Seer Heirloom

According to a reputable Apex Legends data miner @HYPERMYSTx, a reference to Apex Legends Seer Heirloom has been found in the game files. And it is not a rose but a sickle for the ambush artist of the Apex games. The new season 15 will release on November 1st with Seer’s home planet being the new season’s focus.


  • Apex Legends Seer heirloom is confirmed to be Sickle and not a rose.
  • The Heirloom will have a rose but it’s a sprinting draw animation.
  • The sickle features a crescent moon shape as Seer’s obsession with the Broken Moon.
  • Season 15 might also bring a new weapon and change of sound for an already existing weapon or a change in ammo type.

The upcoming Season 15 of Apex Legends looks pretty packed with a new map released along with a unique character and an Heirloom. Meanwhile, the Heirloom is confirmed to be of Seer, as he’s been the center of attention in season 15.

Meanwhile, as per the data leaks, the new Apex Legends Seer heirloom is a sickle, not a rose. Still, it doesn’t contradict the previous leaks of Seer using a rose, and there is, in fact a mention of a rose in the code.

The leaker points to the line of code of the running draw animation for Seer’s heirloom, and it mentions a Sickle. The rose is also there as the drawing animation has Seer pulling out a rose when sprinting with the Heirloom.

Code referencing Seer’s Heirloom

There is not much information aside from this about how it looks and if it is final. There is already a legend with their heirloom being a sickle, and the legend in question is Revenant.

Not to worry about the line of Horizon tablet, though, as it is from the season 7 story event. This is not connected to Seer at all, and there is no confirmed information about it.

Horizon’s Tablet from story event in season 7

This has set up many questions in the community and has brought up many speculations about the sickle’s design. The most legit theory is that the Seer’s heirloom is a Crescent Moon-shaped sickle, which is an excellent concept for Seer as his background story is very focused on the broken moon and the new map being the moon.

But it also begs the question of why it is Seer’s heirloom when it is a signature design of Catalyst. While that is true but Seer is also obsessed with the moon and him creating a new art piece out of Apex games taking place on the broken moon is also notable.

Also, remember that this is not confirmed, and Seer’s heirloom could be something else on release. The best example is Bangalore’s heirloom, which was at first referenced as a tonfa but later changed to a pilot knife.

According to some rumors and leaks, some other new items are yet to come to season 15. One of these is Spitfire changing its ammo type or shooting sound, or it could be a new weapon.

This is all so far, and we will probably see the looks of Seer’s heirloom on November 1st, either from an official announcement or another data-mined leak. For now, it is highly advised to have patience and wait for the official announcement.

What do you think about the new leaks, and what do you expect from Season 15? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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