Apex Legends Upcoming Legend Skins Have Been Datamined

New skin entries for legends have been found in the data files in the game after a Data Mine leak.

Apex Legends New Skins
Apex Legends New Skins

A certified Apex Legends Dataminer named @HYPERMYSTx has found upcoming Apex Legends new skins. The total number of unreleased skins found in the files is eighteen with six of the skins being legendary and the other twelve being epic skins of legends.


  • Most of the skins mentioned in the data are concepts for early designs for the season 16 party-themed events.
  • The party theme is because of the anniversary coming up next year in February 2023.
  • Some skins will be featured in the ongoing Season during the Witch Collection Event, including Seer’s New Heirloom.
  • Aside from skins, Emotes have also been found in the game files, which might be featured in the valentines collection bundle.

Most skins seem to be a collection of a recent themed season. For that reason, Season 16 is likely to be party themed, as confirmed by Hypermyst. The season being themed party season will be a celebration for the anniversary of Apex Legends in February 2023.

The main legend in focus, or rather the life of the party, seems to be Newcastle, as he is receiving a total of four skins and one of them is a legendary anniversary skin, so look out for some more lore videos on Newcastle. Others are legendary Party Beach, Epic Lunar Year, and Epic Party Mask.

Most other skins are just Epic, with Valkarie, Pathfinder, Wraith, and Loba receiving Party Mask skin. Moreover, Caustic, Mad Maggie, and Bangalore are also seemingly receiving Party Beach epic skins.

The mentioned skins also include the witch collection event skins of Season 15 and Magic Witch Epic skins for Valkyrie, Rampart, Ash, and Lifeline. According to leaks, the collection event is confirmed to be named Enchantress and will also feature Seer’s all-new Heirloom.

The other remaining four legendary skins are, unfortunately, just recolors of previously released legendary skins. There seems to be quite a lot more of these recolored skins, and you can expect even more in the future as the game was declining in player count as well.

New Apex legends skins season 15 16
All the listed legends, their respective skins, and legends who are not receiving one or haven’t been found.

As clarified before, some of these skins are expected to be released in the Party Theme event of Season 16, and some will be released very soon during Season 15, expectedly during the collection event.

Aside from these, other contents like ground emote, and weapon skins are also leaked in the data mine files. Loba, Valk, & Bangalore are getting new Ground Emotes named “RedSmoke.” They could be something like bundles with their Valentine’s skins, according to Hypermyst.

This is all the current information about Apex Legends’ new skins through data mining, and more news will come later as the game gets patched with more files to dig through data mining. Clarifying again that most skins won’t be released this season as they are themed for Season 16.

Tell us your opinions on the skins, what you expect from season 16, the anniversary, and its rewards. We would love to discuss more in the comments.

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