Baldur’s Gate III Will Not Be Exclusive

Baldur's Gate III will not be exclusive and it will apparently be available on both major consoles with a catch.

Baldurs Gate III Will Not Be Exclusive
Baldurs Gate III Will Not Be Exclusive

In a world where some games remained locked to certain consoles, it has become a touchy subject for a developer to announce that it will be exclusive. There are a few reasons that a company might do this, and there are a few reasons why an audience doesn’t like it. One game facing such a situation right now is Baldur’s gate III. It has been said that Baldur’s Gate III will not be exclusive, but without an announcement for Xbox, some are doubting it.


  • Swen Vincke has confirmed that Larian has no plans to play the exclusivity game.
  • This means Baldur’s Gate III should eventually be released on all consoles.
  • This response has caused a varied audience reaction, but many are still unhappy with exclusivity.

For a while, Baldur’s gates III has been one of the most anticipated games in both the RPG and fantasy genres. With such a massive hype around it, though, one of the first questions was bound to be what console it would be on. Initially, Larian had said this would not be an exclusive game, but something made people doubt this. The response post came on Swen Vincke on Twitter.

The first of these is that the game was initially announced at the State of Play, a PlayStation event that covers all kinds of fun, but most come out on PlayStation first. This didn’t automatically mean that the game was PS exclusive, but it was strange that it didn’t have any presence at an Xbox event after the fact. Then it got announced that it would also be available on pc but still no response on the Xbox front.

This latest tweet from Larian seems to reaffirm what they said before: this would not be a console exclusive, so where are the Xbox details? According to some posts and other leaks, there is a plan for it to be on Xbox, but they have difficulty implementing the split screen.

Jez Corden seemed to wonder if the technical issues were related to the Xbox series s and its difference from the other consoles. Thinking this could be due to the different specs that this might have compared to the series X is an interesting angle.

This has not made the fanbase’s response any better, as they have continually questioned why the developer is playing the exclusivity game. This isn’t necessarily the exclusivity game, as it is just a Dev running into some trouble. Many repeatedly question why Larian wouldn’t just release it on both consoles. They want to turn out a fun and exciting game that is playable.

Many have also claimed that this might be intentional, as having a game come out a few months after another is using the game. It isn’t. It’s just an aspect of how game development works and what is necessary to bring the game out. Sometimes this is due to technical issues, and sometimes it is due to contracts. Either way, the dev usually wants to release the game on as many platforms as possible so more people can play it.

That is all we have on the fact that Baldur’s Gate III will not be exclusive.

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