Plant VS Zombies Battle For Neighborville Early Footage Leaked

An early footage of Garden Warfare 3 has been leaked on the internet and gives us insight on gameplay

Battle for Neighborville leak footage and gameplay
Battle for Neighborville leak footage and gameplay

The Battle for Neighborville leak gives us an insight into the gameplay of this new installment in the Garden Warfare franchise. A Twitter user named @Hey1mJay has leaked this footage and gives us some very early alpha stage footage of the game.


  • According to the data miner, the leaked footage is of early 2018 Garden Warfare 3 before it was converted to Battle for Neighborville.
  • The footage has some scrapped concepts, too, like a talking and interactable zombie.
  • Another leaked gameplay footage of Battle for Neighborville 2 is a mobile game.

The original game was released in 2009, later imported to mobile in 2011, and received massive approval on both platforms. The second game was released in 2013, and later in 2014, the first 3rd person shooter version of Plants vs. Zombies was released, named Garden Warfare.

The second entry in the series of Garden Warfare was released in 2016. After that, a third Garden Warfare was supposed to be released but was canceled and later changed into Battle for Neighborville, which was released in 2019.

It is confusing to understand at first, but it is indeed footage of Battle for Neighborville. The footage is from the early development of the Battle for Neighborville in 2018. Indeed it creates a lot of false hopes for the fans, but there is still something to gain from it.

Leaker Jay confirms that it is indeed related to the development of Garden Warfare 3 before it was turned to Battle for Neighborville. He quotes that it is Garden Warfare 3 before it was reworked into Battle for Neighborville. It also has some scrapped concepts that didn’t make it into the game, like a talking zombie.

It’s unclear why it’s just popping up right now and why it was hidden for so long. @Hey1mJay didn’t clear the source of his finding, so we can’t say if it’s from data mining of an older or newer version of the Battle for Neighborville. Or did he find it somewhere on the internet?

Currently, it was confirmed from a leak that Battle for Neighborville 2 is indeed in development. The downside is it will be a mobile game, according to the leak. It clearly shows an interactable button hud on the screen for something in mobile games, confirming a mobile title under development.

Battle for Neighborville 2 leaked gameplay footage
A screenshot of the hud from the leaked gameplay of Battle For Neighborville 2

Fans must keep their fingers crossed for a new Plants vs. Zombies installment soon enough. Hopefully, something surprises us at The Game Awards 2022 on the 8th of December, and we will get to see the Battle for Neighborville leak turn out to be accurate, maybe.

That’s all on the current information on Plants vs. Zombies leaks. Tell us about your thoughts and opinions on the upcoming Plants vs. Zombies. Tell us in the comments below.

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