Battlefield 2042 “Battle of Nordvik” Will Hand Out Hefty Unique Rewards

Upcoming "Battle of Nordvik" event for Battlefield 2042 focusing on giving players unique rewards for its long term event.

Battlefield 2042 Battle of Nordvik Will Hand Out Hefty Unique Rewards
Battlefield 2042 Battle of Nordvik Will Hand Out Hefty Unique Rewards

Despite a shaky launch of Battlefield 2042, game developers are still pushing the latest content to retain avid players. The next update is Battle of Nordvik, and we have some new details about the event. These detail range from the schedule of the new event to the rewards that you can earn.


  • Several details about the upcoming Battle for Nordvik event are here, including the schedule.
  • The event will also offer up plenty of rewards for players who can score ribbons during the events.

Battle for Nordvik is the latest event coming to Battlefield 2042, offering some unique gameplay aspects to players. For one thing, it will be a scheduled event with different parts of the event happening on different weeks. The first week is going to be conquest assault, the second week will be retribution, and the third week will be breakthrough chaos. This will offer some variety while playing the event and give players the feeling of evolution as the battle continues.

The second part of this significant event is that players can earn rewards as the battle continues. You earn these by getting ribbons while playing the event, and there is a variety for you to earn.

You will be able to earn nine total rewards and three of them a week, but we are still uncertain as to what the rewards are and what ribbons unlock them. Since they will be three a week, it makes sense that each will correlate to that week’s event. It also makes sense that you might not be able to earn those rewards outside of those weeks again.

The Battle of Nordvik is shaping to be an excellent event for battlefield 2042, and players should be excited about what comes next. What are your thoughts on the upcoming events for Battlefield 2042? Share with us in the comments section below.

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