Data Mining Results Hints At Old Weapons Returning To Battlefield 2042

A certified data miner reports mentions of old weapons to come in the Portal mode in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042 datamined weapons
Battlefield 2042 datamined weapons

According to data miner @temporyal, in a recent patch of Battlefield 2042, some returning fan-favorite weapons from previous games have been added to the patch for Portal. These Battlefield 2042 data-mined weapons are UMP-45, USAS-12, Gewehr 43, 12G Automatic, and MK VI Revolver. 


  • New data mine results for the latest patch have been released and show that some new guns will be released for the Portal mode.
  • Portal mode is a custom lobby mode with different maps, characters, vehicles, and weapons.
  • Every gun has unique attributes per comparison made using information from previous Battlefield games.
  • The Battlefield 2042 data mined weapons might release next week following the next.

The Battlefield 2042 data-mined weapons are all confirmed for Portal. For those who do not know, Portal is a player-driven community playground where players can create their custom servers using different maps, characters, vehicles, and weapons from various previous Battlefield titles.

The UMP-45 first came in Battlefield 3 and was quickly the players’ favorite. The gun was a personal defense weapon(PDW). It was one of the best close to medium-range weapons.

Moreover, it required 3-8 shots to take down an enemy, even on the medium range, the max of the firearm. The gun had a 25+1 capacity, a moderate fire rate, a recoil rate, and significantly high stopping power compared to the other PDWs.

The next entry is the USAS-12, first featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The USAS-12 is a fully automatic 6-round shotgun. It has 12 Gauge Slugs with a terrible rate of fire and high recoil. The biggest downside is the spread increase after every shot, though it balances out the weapon by a notable margin.

The Gewehr 43 was first dropped in Battlefield 1942 and is possibly returning in Battlefield 2042. It was a semi-automatic sniper rifle with an effective range of 500 meters and a max range of 800.  It featured iron sights but was also compatible with a ZF4 Scope. It was the only semi-automatic sniper rifle back in Battlefield 1942.

The 12G Automatic has its roots in Battlefield 1. Just like the name suggests, it is an automatic shotgun. The weapon has different variants, the Backboard, Hunter, and Extended.

  • In the Backboard, it was equipped with a large internal diameter barrel. This variant had reduced recoil at the cost of quicker damage drop.
  • In Hunter, it was equipped with a choke on the barrel. This variant had improved accuracy and an effective range.
  • In Extended, it was equipped with an extended tube magazine. This variant offered increased magazine capacity.

The MK VI Revolver was first introduced in Battlefield 5 and returned in the latest Battlefield title. It’s good as a side-arm revolver because of its two-hit kill at close range. It had damage drop at medium range but was durable with hip fire at close range.

Battlefield 2042 data-mined weapons
Battlefield 2042 data-mined weapons

The guns might be released next week with the next update. Indeed the developers will mostly retain what made some of these guns the community favorites and some a nightmare. Hopefully, we can look forward to the guns having balanced stats to fit into the game well.

What gun is your favorite weapon that you anticipate seeing first? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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