Battlefield 2042 New Concept Art Uncovered For An Upcoming Map Through Datamining

A new official concept art of Battlefield 2042's new potential map has been uncovered by a certified data miner.

Battlefield 2042 new map concept art
Battlefield 2042 new map concept art

After a myriad of leaks and rumors, Battlefield 2042 New Map art has been uncovered by a data miner named @temporyal. The map has been referenced in the game files under the name Boulder. According to the latest details from data miner, it is intended to be released in Season 4 of Battlefield 2042.


  • The Battlefield 2042 New Map art shows that the critical focus of the map is a boulder and will feature structures.
  • According to Dice, it will be a smaller and linear map and feature close-quarter combat.
  • A new specialist will also arrive for the next season and expect more content, like weapons and vehicles.

The new map named Boulder is the featured map for Battlefield 2042 season 4, which is set to be released early next year, marking the end of year one of Battlefield 2042.

As the name suggests, the map’s main focus point is a boulder. But there’s no such viewable in the concept art. The concept art consists of just the insides of a building with long extended tunnels and structures. It means the upcoming map is inside a huge boulder with a bunker-like structure.

One major aspect to note here is that it does not seems to be a huge map, and it also confirms the recent announcement of Dice working on a faster-paced and more linear map to promote more close-quarter combat. So from this information, we can expect three or more tunnels connecting with some rooms and forming an artificial structure inside a boulder-like structure.

Battlefield 2042 New Map concept art
Concept Art of Battlefield 2042 New Map
Battlefield 2042 New Map concept art
The current concept art of the Boulder map is not the final piece and is subject to change.

Dice also confirmed to expect some new content in the upcoming seasons, not only for season 4 but also for season 5 along with continuing the game up to season 5. The confirmed content will include a new operator, a battle pass, weapons, and vehicles.

According to Dice, players can expect new content and a lot of returning fan-favorite content. They mention that they want to explore some ideas from the previous games, implement them into the current game, and help make Battlefield 2042 more enjoyable. We recently also heard rumors about returning the classic score display in Battlefield 2042 in a future update. These fan-favorite updates can impact the overall gameplay and regain the avid Battlefield players’ attention to return to the game.

Note that the name Boulder is just the working title to help develop the code of it, and quite coincidentally, the working name is always based on the central theme of the said work in the development process. So the name Boulder may be subject to change in the game’s future development.

Currently, the maps under development and found mentioned in the game files namely are:

  • Working title-Final Name
  • Ridge-Exposure.
  • Drained-N/A.
  • Lightsout-N/A.
  • Docklands-N/A.

According to the data miner, Docklands might as well be scrapped by now or might come out as a remake map for Portal.

That’s all the news found so far on recent Battlefield 2042 leaks. We would love to hear your thoughts on the matter and would love an opinion in the comments section.

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