Battlefield 2042 New Unreleased Modes Uncovered By A Data Miner

Battlefield 2042's new unreleased modes and experiences have been datamined in the latest patch by a dataminer.

Battlefield 2042 new modes
Battlefield 2042 new modes

Battlefield 2042 new modes have been uncovered in the game files by a data miner named @temporyal. There’s a high chance that not all these modes will make their way into the game. There are three new uncovered modes: Flashback Breakthrough, Tipping Point, and Tactical Conquest.


  • A new data mine results have surfaced on the internet that hint at three possible upcoming modes for Battlefield 2042.
  • Flashback Breakthrough is an infantry-only mode to have 16v16 player fights.
  • The mode will have two returning maps from the previous game.
  • The tipping point is a community-recommended idea inspired by frontline mode.
  • There have also been some data mined leaks of upcoming operator skins and returning weapons.

One of the leaked Battlefield 2042 modes is Flashback Breakthrough, a returning mode with 16vs.16 players battle on a single map. As per the leaked details, it is an infantry-only mode. The mode will include returning two favorite community maps: Arica Harbor and Noshahr Canals.

For those who do not know, Arica Harbor was a map from Battlefield Bad Company 2, and Noshahr Canals was from the standard edition of Battlefield 3; both will be returning in breakthrough mode.

The mode will be for a limited time only, so relive your nostalgia for classic Battlefield maps with the classic breakthrough mode as much as you can.

Arica harbor and Noshahr Canals in Battlefield 2042 new modes
Arica Harbor and Noshahr canals are to be included in Battlefield 2042 new modes.

Another leaked mode is Tipping Point, which will feature a single-point objective. Two teams will fight for a single objective and push that objective toward the enemy HQ. Simply put, it will be like a Frontline mode by pushing to enemies’ Homebase. There’s no other information on the player count, but it’ll probably be around the 10-16 player mark for a single team.

The Tipping Point mode is inspired by Recon Riptor’s Spearhead of Frontline mode from Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V.

Lastly, the Tactical Conquest-Hardcore mode is a capture-and-hold multiple objectives mode. It will have smaller maps and infantry only, and the hardcore tag to the mode is for its hardness, as it will increase the damage.

The HUD will be limited as well. The mode’s whole point will be to deliver a more intense capture of the objectives mode. The selling point is that this mode will be short for people who want to experience fierce battles for a short time.

There is no confirmed date for Battlefield 2042 new modes to be released yet. These are still just in the data files and along with some speculations. Some might not be delivered and get scrapped, but all three of them look very interesting, and hopefully, we’ll see all three of them delivered.

Recently there have also been some leaks about upcoming legendary and epic operator skins in the game. As well as some leaks about returning weapons from previous battlefield games to feature in Battlefield 2042 Portal mode.

There is no known release date for implementing these unused data, but keep a lookout for the following patch announcement.

What do you think about the new Battlefield 2042 modes, and which one are you most excited about? Tell us about it in the comments.

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