Battlefield 2042 Season 3 New Map Seemingly Datamined

The new map for season 3 has been leaked through the files and 2 weeks before the release of season 3

Battlefield 2042 new map
Battlefield 2042 new map

Battlefield 2042 new map is set to be released in season 3, according to a certified data miner @temporyal. As per the latest details, season 2 will end on November 22, also marking the start of season 3. Now with the latest leak of the new map in Battlefield 2042, it seems like season 3 is quite packed with content for players to enjoy for weeks.


  • The latest leaked Battlefield 2042 map has a unique name, but it is still in the development phase.
  • The map will feature stormy weather and bright days or snow climates which Sweden is quite famous about.
  • Moreover, the map will be set in a remote arms factory in Lapland of Sweden.

Battlefield 2042 new map seems to be named Spearhead as confirmed by data miner on Twitter. With over 10 weeks of development, the map will be released in season 3. Moreover, players can expect an official announcement from the studio in the coming weeks.

More details hints that the map will be set in modern 2042 Sweden, and you can expect special weather conditions for this map as well because that is the main selling point of Battlefield 2042. According to temporyal, he predicts that the map will have rainstorms and lightning storm weather with dark skies and all. He also confirms that it won’t be a night or snow map.

Temporyal further clarifies the exact location in Sweden where the new map takes place, and its Lapland. Lapland is quite a remote area famous for its vast, naturally beautiful landscape.

The map is based around an arms factory, confirming that it is not an infantry-only map to clear any doubts. The arms factory will include multiple vehicles like tanks, armored vehicles, and helicopters for players to use in their battle and navigate and push towards objectives.

Battlefield 2042 new map Sweden
General speculated look of where the map will take place and where Lapland is located in Sweden

This setup is entirely fictional, and there is no such arms factory in real-life Sweden. Following the topic of real life, the map will feature a futuristic Lapland Sweden, which will also be in a climate change crisis. So it is highly expected that there will be lightning randomly being dropped around maps. It adds an extra challenge for players to watch out for natural threats.

The developers of Battlefield 2042 have proven multiple times to start early development for new content as soon as they complete and announce one thing. Now with the confirmation of season 3, the developers have also started working on season 4. 

And that’s just not it because the game is expected to continue to season 5, which was not something expected as the game, after suffering a massive drop in players. Since the game has also been added to the Game Pass, the player count is expected to rise very soon, and the game might as well be far from dying.

Aside from this, there are new vehicles, which are motorcycles that might be returning from previous Battlefield games, expected to release soon as well. It’s possible that the new vehicles that will be released in season 3 may get delayed up to season 4. If they are released in season 3, it is to be expected that the new map will feature a terrain suitable for them like some maps did in previous Battlefield games.

That is about it for the data mined map of Battlefield 2042 season 3. What are your thoughts on the new map setting in Sweden? We would love to hear them in the comments section below.

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