Former Developer “Michael Barclay” Says Battlefront 3 Was Almost Finished

According to Michael Barclay, Battle Front 3 was almost finished and it is making waves in the Battle Front Fandom.

Michael Barclay Says Battlefront 3 Was Almost Finished
Michael Barclay Says Battlefront 3 Was Almost Finished

When it comes to franchises that are always talked about with reverence and happy memories, there are only a few. Many people tend to think of things like Mario or Zelda, and you will always hear some talking about their time playing street fighter games, but one extremely popular in the early 2000s was the Star Wars Battle Front games. These are still regarded as some of the best star wars games ever, and Michael Barclay says Battlefront 3 was almost finished. 


  • Michael Barclay is a game designer who worked on the original Battle Front series as a level designer for the third entry.
  • The lore and leaks surrounding Star Wars: Battlefront III have always been interesting, but this is the first time someone has talked about how close it was to being finished.
  • Had this game been finished and released, it would have been far ahead of its time and brought the franchise into a new era of prominence.

Battlefront as a series has always been a fan favorite of the Star Wars community. With the ability to be immersed in Star Wars and participate in some of its most important events, the series stand out. The sequels in the series kicked this up to another level with the ability to play online, which is not even a saving grace of other games today was the stand out with this title.

The games did let you immerse yourself in the world of Star Wars by letting you fight in both the Clone Wars and the era of the Empire. You could play in both ground combat and space combat using various classes and vessels. The sequel game also lets you use hero characters from each major faction.

Michael Barclay was one of the original employees working on the game. He may be a lead designer at Naughty Dog now, but he started at Free Radical as a level designer. In a recent tweet, he says the game was almost finished before its cancelations. He seems genuinely frustrated that people won’t get to see the game, and many commenters on the tweet shared that frustration.

Battlefront III would have raised the level of the games by continually improving on the concepts we had seen in previous entries. In particular, we know they would integrate the ability to go from space to ground level in the same match.

This alone would have made the title unique to play, and having it back then would have been revolutionary. We also know it would have featured some form of a storyline in the game, and some new level design was being used.

The reasons for the game cancelations are still puzzling to many, and we will never fully understand the decision behind it. We know that the employees and others who had worked on the game were just as confused and frustrated as the fans that it was canceled.

It might be possible for the vision of this game to be seen in another star wars game at some point, and that will be a great day for star wars.

That is all that we have on Michael Barclay says Battlefront 3 was almost finished.

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