Bend Studio Hinting At Syphon Filter IP Revival

Clues to the return of the iconic Syphon Filter franchise emerge from a cryptic message by Bend Studio, sparking hope among fans.

Bend Studio Hinting at Syphon Filter IP Revival
Bend Studio Hinting at Syphon Filter IP Revival

Hints of the iconic Syphon Filter franchise’s comeback have surfaced following a mysterious message from Bend Studio, igniting a glimmer of hope among its dedicated fanbase.


  • Bend Studio, the creators of Syphon Filter, has released a mysterious message related to the franchise, prompting speculation about its return.
  • While it’s unclear what this teaser signifies, it has reignited hopes of a new Syphon Filter game, which would be a welcome addition for fans.
  • The Syphon Filter series, known for its stealth-action gameplay, had its last release in 2007, making a revival a highly anticipated event.

For the younger generation of gamers, Syphon Filter, the iconic third-person stealth-action shooter, debuted on the PlayStation in 1999, marking the inception of a legendary gaming franchise.

The game’s narrative unfolds between August 23 and September 8, 1999, as players assume the roles of Gabe Logan and Lian Xing, tasked with thwarting bioweapon attacks orchestrated by the international terrorist Erich Rhoemer and his organization, Black Baton. Their weapon of choice? The deadly Syphon Filter virus.

With a rich history dating back to the late 1990s, Syphon Filter quickly captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. Over eight years, the franchise released six games across three PlayStation platforms, delivering thrilling spy-themed adventures with a blend of stealth and action.

However, the franchise seemed to vanish from the gaming landscape after the launch of Syphon Filter: Logan’s Shadow in 2007 for the PSP and PlayStation 2. Now, Bend Studio, the creator of the beloved series, has reignited hopes for its return with a cryptic message posted on Twitter.

In this enigmatic teaser, Bend Studio, renowned for their work on “Days Gone,” made a veiled reference to Syphon Filter. While speculation abounds, there has been no official mention of a new Syphon Filter game.

Moreover, one prevailing theory suggests that this teaser might relate to PlayStation Plus, hinting at a possible collection of classic Syphon Filter titles becoming available to subscribers. Yet, the possibility of an entirely new entry in the series cannot be ruled out.

Bend Studio has remained relatively silent since the release of “Days Gone” in 2019, with only hints of an upcoming PlayStation 5 project. While the studio confirmed work on a multiplayer game, details have been scarce.

Could this cryptic message signal the revival of the Syphon Filter franchise? Fans can only hope, especially considering the absence of new Splinter Cell games. Bend Studio’s teaser has kindled excitement in the gaming community, eager to see the return of Gabe Logan and the thrilling world of Syphon Filter.

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