Bonelab Release Date Leaked On Oculus Store App

The Bonelab release date has been leaked, I am talking about it and what it means for anyone who would like to play the game.

Bonelab Release Date Leak Cover Image

The physics-based DR game Bonelab’s release date has been late and is set for a September release. This leak initially came to us from a YouTube short.

Bonelab Release Date Leak Image
Bonelab Release Date Leak Image

The day of the release is set to be September 29, 2022. This date is fantastic news for anyone who’s looking to be able to play Bonelab anytime soon. But if you don’t know the game, let me give you a brief overview.

Bonelab Release Date
Bonelab Release Date

Bonelab is an exciting physics-based VR game that lets you interact with the world and everything somewhat realistically. This physical interaction means consequences anytime you interact with anything in the game. Whether exploring the world or fighting enemies, everything will react to whatever you do.

For example, you can climb ladders and move objects around to check the environment. This reaction system can lead to a wall collapsing when you touch a skeleton and the floor falling from under you as you walk on it.

The release date leak revealed a few more exciting aspects of the game. You will have free reign to explore the levels and take cover as fighting breaks out. You can also utilize what appears to be a cross between anti-gravity gear and octopus tentacles to get around. This system also applies to combat and can be used for various creative solutions.

Every time you attack an enemy, they are affected by these conditions. So you can knock them around and use physics as your primary weapon. There is always a creative solution, whether using firearms, explosives, or fists. You can pick up and arm yourself with pistols and submachine guns.

You can even use a trash can lid as a shield like you are a VR Captain America if you want to. The combat appears to be responsive in the game, but I think it will still be strange using your own body as the control. Of course, you can use this to throw enemies in front of trains, so it will be interesting, to say the least.

The last addition we got was an introduction to some shape-shifting devices. It appears to allow you to change your character shape for two different reasons.

One is that you can use an altered form to more easily navigate the environment, such as shrinking down to better fit in the vents. The other reason is to give you more options in combat, such as turning into a juggernaut that can flip entire trash cans.

There’s not very much known about the story for Bonelab, if there is even one. We know you start inside a unique laboratory filled with weapons and enemies. The game seems to be going for a story in any capacity instead of focusing on anything and everything you can do with the new physics systems.

Update: The official release date trailer of the game has been announced. You can check the trailer below.

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