New Details For Bungie’s Marathon Hints At Free-To-Play FPS Experience

Bungie's Marathon free-to-play feature has been confirmed by insider information and many more details about the game have been shared.

Marathon Free-To-Play

With recent news popping up about Bungie reviving its Marathon franchise, we have received more information on Marathon details confirming that it will be a Free-To-Play game. It was also said on a live stream of Giant Bomb on Twitch that Bungie is partnering with Netease to create Marathon as part of the major speculation.

The Rundown

  • Marathon’s free-to-play feature is pretty much confirmed, as their previous game was also a free-to-play entry on launch.
  • It will be an extraction game like Escape from Tarkov.
  • Bungie is supposedly working with Netease, implying that Marathon might also be on mobile.
  • Details also confirm that Marathon will be the authentic Bungie FPS game with very heavily inspired Destiny influence like huge character customization and much more.

Bungie’s Marathon series dates back to the 90s with the Doom-inspired 3D First Person Shooter game. The first game was released in 1994, and after that three more games followed and were released one by one till 1996.

With the latest details popping up about their new Marathon game it has been confirmed that Marathon will also be released as free-to-play like Destiny 2. It will be a live-service multiplayer game. The original Marathon had an 8-player Team death match on LAN multiplayer because of the technology at the time.

But this time, it’s not just a TDM game. It’s going to be entirely focused as an online game. Following the rumors and talks about the game, it can be confirmed that the game is PVP and PVE-focused.

Another shared detail confirms that it is Tarkov-like. This means the game is a multiplayer extraction game that takes place on a massive map of Marathon city with NPC Alien enemies and real player enemies. Just like in Tarkov, bring your own loot or empty-handed, Go loot, clear the objective and extract.

Bungie Destiny
Bungie’s Massive world-creating ability

Next speculations relate that, Bungie is partnering up with Netease to create Marathon and it’s a good thing as they specialize in extraction games and could help create a great experience with their world-building.

For those who don’t know, Netease is a massive Chinese company. They have been creating live service games for mobile and PC for a long time. The game has recently started to get bigger as they have two prominent creators, Jonathan Morin (Watch Dogs) and Toshihiro Nagoshi (Yakuza series) joining them.

But Netease might only be making the mobile port for the Marathon game. There was also news about Netease porting Destiny to mobile some time ago. There is no official confirmation of whether they are developing a mobile port for Destiny or Marathon. But they are working with Netease, that is for sure.

NetEase China
NetEase China

Moving on, there are rumors that there will be no load and queue times. This means it will be a vast open-world focused game with regional servers. If you don’t have any information on the history of NetEase and Bungie games, then it will be hard for you to understand. But these developers are very well experienced in live service and could pull off something this huge of a project easily.

Lastly, the game will have substantial character customizations as well. Just like Bungie’s Destiny, it will allow the players to customize their characters to give the characters a distinctive look to stand out in a multiplayer game.

The game will have a huge influence from Destiny. Something Bungie is very popular in is bringing in influence from other games to their new games. They did this with old Marathon and Halo by adding some designs like structural designs and logo designs, They also have some Halo influence on Destiny as well, which are uncountable, but recent ones are the Halo-inspired character and guns cosmetics.

That is about it for the discussion related to new details on Bungie’s Marathon. What do you think about the new details of the game and Marathon free-to-play feature, tell us about it in the comments.

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