Call of Duty 2025 To Follow Sequel Strategy To Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

A Leak Suggests Call of Duty 2025 May Emulate the Modern Warfare Series' Sequel Approach.

A Leak Suggests Call of Duty 2025 May Emulate the Modern Warfare Series' Sequel Approach
A Leak Suggests Call of Duty 2025 May Emulate the Modern Warfare Series' Sequel Approach

Call of Duty 2025 appears poised to embrace a sequel strategy akin to the acclaimed Modern Warfare series, according to a recent leak. This deviation from the franchise’s customary annual release cycle could bring fresh excitement to the world of Call of Duty.


  • A recent leak suggests Call of Duty 2025 might adopt the sequel strategy seen in Modern Warfare, potentially introducing a narrative continuity.
  • Speculation points to Treyarch’s involvement in this installment, with hints of iconic maps from Black Ops II making a return.
  • While these rumors depart from Call of Duty‘s typical annual release pattern, fans are advised to await official confirmation for more details.

Speculations have arisen, suggesting that the next Call of Duty installment in 2025 may be developed by Treyarch and follow a narrative path reminiscent of the Modern Warfare universe. Moreover, whispers indicate that this project might incorporate iconic maps from the 2012 hit Black Ops II. These developments signal an intriguing shift in the franchise’s direction.

Some fans may have missed the latest buzz. Earlier rumors have implied that the 2024 entry in the series would be the next installment in the Black Ops franchise, developed by Treyarch. This game was rumored to be set during the Gulf War and expected to continue the storyline initiated in the Black Ops Cold War.

Now, a prominent leaker, Bob, has shared insider information suggesting that following the release of next year’s Call of Duty, Treyarch intends to unveil another Black Ops title. This release would purportedly pick up the narrative threads left by Black Ops 2024. This approach mirrors the pattern of Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare series, which is set to see a direct sequel to Modern Warfare III.

A claim adds a layer of intrigue to this leak. That is the claim that 2025’s rumored Black Ops game will introduce launch maps in a manner akin to Modern Warfare III. Some players may be already aware of the following claim. The upcoming title from Sledgehammer is set to include remastered maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2. Similarly, it’s anticipated that 2025’s game will feature a collection of remastered maps. These will be plucked directly from the fan-favorite installment, Black Ops II, which debuted over a decade ago.

This development potentially signifies that Activision will continue its unconventional approach of releasing two consecutive games within the same sub-series. In 2023, we can look forward to Modern Warfare III following in the footsteps of its predecessor, MWII. Should Bob’s tweet hold, Treyarch will release two consecutive Black Ops entries in 2024 and 2025.

Concrete details regarding the storyline of Black Ops 2024 are still shrouded in mystery. Still, fans may anticipate the possible return of characters from 2020’s Cold War.

As for COD 2025, scant information has emerged beyond the leak above. How Activision navigates this novel approach of releasing back-to-back titles from a single franchise remains to be seen. Nevertheless, it’s essential to remember that, as of now, this is merely a rumor. It should be taken with a degree of skepticism until official confirmation emerges.

In the interim, players can prepare for this year’s Modern Warfare III by considering pre-orders. An Open Beta phase is scheduled for next month, with the game’s global release slated for November 10. Pre-ordering grants early access to the Beta version.

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