Candyman’s Tony Todd Teases Venom For Spider-Man 2

Tony Todd teases venom for Spider-man 2 and it is sending the fan base into a frenzy because of how exciting it sounds.

Tony Todd Teases Venom For Spider-Man 2
Tony Todd Teases Venom For Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 the Shaping up to be one of the most anticipated video games of 2023. The game promises another tremendous Spider-Man title with further improved systems and new characters. And included in this list of characters, Tony Todd, a famous American actor, teases venom for Spider-man 2. It is only a bit of information, but it is getting everyone excited about this new addition to the game.


  • American voice actor and also original Candyman antagonist Tony Todd was interviewed on the podcast The Deeper Level, where he discussed Venom.
  • During the interview, he teased that the character would be an overwhelming and excitement-inducing Force within the game.
  • Given the previous Spider-Man game’s complexity, this teaser is very exciting for fans of Venom.

During an interview on The Deeper Level podcast, Tony Todd was asked what it was like to voice Venom in the upcoming Spider-Man 2 Game. Tony responded to the question by signing an event from another entry in the series. He described Venom as being like the chasing scene with the rhino in Spider-Man Miles Morales. This tells us a few things about what that will be like in the new series entry.

For one thing, we know that the game will be keeping Venom’s trademark intensity from the comics. Many other adaptations of Venom tend to soften the character to make him more palatable for an average audience.

The problem is that Venom is most prevalent when he is an intimidating and powerhouse character. It sounds like we will get this character version in the new game. It also sounds like this will be a creepy and thrilling character for people playing the game.

For most of his comic book runs, Venom is one of Spider-Man’s most popular and endearing villains/allies. The character is the combination of an alien symbiote in the human host, who is most often Eddie Brock. The character started as an initial enemy of Spider-Man but, over the years, has formed a tenuous partnership with the hero when necessary.

That is all we have on Tony Todd teases venom for Spider-Man 2.

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