Saints Row Is Not Doing Great But There Is Hope, Says Embracer CEO

The CEO of Embracer recently talked to investors about Saints Row, in the talk he addressed both the profit and reception of the game.

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We have recently heard the CEO of Embracer talk about the performance of the latest Saints Row game. In it, he discussed its profit margins and the reception that the game has received from both general audiences and fans of the series. The conversation was transcribed and documented by Stephen Totilo on Twitter and then collected by a user on Resetera.


  • Embracer Ceo Lars Wingefors discussed the current state of Saints Row.
  • He talked about whether the game had made a profit and its audience reaction.
  • He also mentioned the possibility of a sequel to this entry.

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Saints Row

The tweets that Stephen Totilo has posted more or less cover the conversation that the CEO of Embracer Lars Wingefors had with investors. In it, he turned the focus of the conversation to how well the latest entry of the Saints Row series is doing. He discussed the monetary side of this and the audience’s reaction to the new entry.

Regarding the audience reaction, Lars said it seemed to be doing well among general gamers. The game’s reaction at launch does suggest what he is saying is true, as Saints Row had opened up well.

It wasn’t until a few days later the fan reactions came in. In that regard, Lars commented on the fan reaction and said he was disappointed many didn’t enjoy the game.

He says that he would have preferred to have received a more extraordinary reception for the game than it had previously received. It is not surprising that he had to comment on this as the game has had a Luke-warm reception at best from the community.

Mr. Wingefors did not offer any exact figure in terms of profit, but he said he thinks it will make money. Of course, he also said they wouldn’t know that until November, which isn’t reassuring. The profits for the game have been in question after its strong start but sudden drop off.

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Saints Row

The consensus among fans of the Saints Row series is that the game would be okay at best but is weighed down by many glitches at launch. The developer must address this twofold problem if they want the series to continue. The first and easiest to get rid of would be the glitches.

It is a common but shameful fact that games today are released before they are ready. If devs stop doing this, it will end this particular adverse reaction before it happens.

The second is admittedly more difficult but is something they will need to consider, and that is what the audience wants. Many fans were split on how Saints 3 and 4 were more extreme than their predecessors. But the recent reaction shows that those games had a strong following, perhaps more potent than the original two entries. With that, many considered the new game a downgrade in concepts.

I can understand the struggle to try and appease an audience and investors, but in the end, Saints Row never seemed to do either.

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Saints Row

It may not be as hopeless in this regard as some fans may expect. Lars Wingefors did comment during his conversation on the subject. He said that investors want the sequel to a game to make more money and be more popular than the original. Despite the lackluster reaction, He did not discount a sequel and said that fans would have to wait and see.

Source: Resetera

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