City Skylines Is Getting An Upgrade For Next-Gen Consoles

It has been announced that City Skylines is getting an upgrade for next-gen consoles with a new remaster of the game.

City Skylines Is Getting An Upgrade For Next-Gen
City Skylines Is Getting An Upgrade For Next-Gen

It has become commonplace for games to get a nice upgrade with every new generation of game hardware if they are popular enough. This does make a kind of game out of people wondering which title will get this treatment next. That has been answered, though, as City Skylines is getting an upgrade for next-gen consoles.


  • City skylines are receiving a remaster for next-gen hardware.
  • The remaster will include several features and upgrades that will take advantage of the new hardware.
  • These will enable even more creative and inventive ways to build cities within the game’s structure.

City Skylines is undoubtedly one of the best simulation games you can play right now. From modes that let you experience what it is like to build a city from the ground up to a mode that grants nearly unlimited freedom to make the city of your dreams. You can then imagine why it would be so exciting that this game is going to be getting a remaster.

The remaster was announced with a small trailer that also happened to list some of the new upgrades that we would be seeing. This list happened to include a few items that could create a significant upgrade in the game. So let us take a look at a few of those right now.

Some of the biggest upgrades are things that are going to let the player affect the world directly. For instance, they are adding a day and night cycle to the game that you can now toggle.

Presumably, this will let you pick the time of day and leave it there. They are also adding environmental controls that haven’t been defined yet. I hope this will let you do things like affect the weather and maybe even snowfall and fog.

Another thing I am very excited to see implemented with this will be a map editor in the new remaster. Now I presume this will allow the user to fully edit the terrain and water feature and maybe even place natural resources.

It will be interesting to see if this will be a tile-by-tile system if you can affect the whole expanse of tiles at once. Who knows what else you can manipulate with this new tool?

These new features will be combined with both an upgrade to the game’s performance and UX improvements. This will just help the game run smoothly with all of the new features and upgrades being implemented. This is going to make for a fantastic remaster, and I am excited to see what else we learn about it as it gets closer.

Check out the announcement trailer below for City Skylines Remastered.

That is all that we have on the fact that City Skylines is getting an upgrade for next-gen consoles.

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