MWIII Leaks Hints At Arrival Of Classic Call Of Duty Maps In Warzone 2

We have learned that MWIII Leaks Hints At Arrival of Classic Call of Duty Maps Coming in Warzone 2 and it will be a big change for Warzone.

MWIII Leaks Hints At Arrival of Classic Call of Duty Maps Coming in Warzone 2 Cover Image
Classic Call of Duty Maps Hinted for Warzone 2

The Call of Duty fandom is in a delighted place right now with the reveal that the next game in the series will be Modern Warfare III. Now it feels like we get more good news daily, and some just dropped. It has been revealed that MWIII Leaks hint at the arrival of Call of Duty Maps in Warzone 2. What maps these could be and how they could affect war zone gameplay is what we will discuss today.

Major Highlights

  • It has been revealed that Warzone 2 will receive a new map as part of the release of MWIII.
  • This new map will be different from the others currently occupying the war zone, focusing on aspects like close quarters and short-range combat.
  • This map will be composed of multiple maps from the original MW.

Call Of Duty has gained a reputation for map design over the years, to the point that it is a clear inspiration for modern game design. So whenever the developers of a Call Of Duty game say they will be making a new map, there is a reason to get excited. In this case, it is even more exciting because this map will be based on several from MWIII. We learned this from a tweet from DRB Miller Gaming Dialogue.

One of the things that makes this so exciting is that MWIII had some of the best map design out of the Modern Warfare series. Maps like Resistance and Dome, and Overwatch are some of the most memorable and fun Maps the series has had. So the announcement indicating that these could be implemented was welcome. Of course, we don’t know exactly which maps will be used, but we do know their function.

We have learned that the idea of the map will be based on the ideas of close-quarters combats and tactical setups. We were given to understand that this will be accomplished by decentralizing the map, making focus less on one center point and instead spreading battle throughout the map.

This is implied to be possible through two different kinds of map layouts. One is condensing players into tight alleyways where close combat will be inevitable. The other utilizes a combat style similar to Overwatch, where players must make tactical decisions around the map. Players might make the best of this by focusing on sniping as a long-range option or even setting up traps.

As this is a Warzone map, we can expect to incorporate several standard maps of previous cod games. Based on the general size, we should look at something close to 4-8 maps from the original Modern Warfare III, depending on which maps they pick. Of course, combining these into one cohesive map could be a challenge, but That is also half the fun of Warzone maps.

We know much of this thanks to some helpful leaks from Gamerant. Remember, this is a fresh leak; we can expect changes and updates.

That is all we have on MWIII Leaks for classic Call of Duty Maps coming for Warzone 2.

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