Classic Score Display Might Return In Battlefield 2042

As per the latest information from data leaker, the infamous Classic Score Display might return in Battlefield 2042.

Classic Score Display In Battlefield 2042
Classic Score Display In Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 had a very rocky start to its career since its release back in November last year. The game was riddled with bugs, poorly optimized, and ran poorly even with the best hardware available. The servers were laggy, which made the multiplayer experience terrible. All in all, it received abysmal reviews and was disliked by critics and fans alike.

Since then, the developers have been working to make the stable and playable for everyone. They have been pushing out patches to improve the game and content updates, such as Battle Passes, to keep the player base engaged.

One such update might be on the horizon, which will want avid Battlefield players to log back into the game. According to the well-known data miner @temporyal, a score event for the long-range kills present in previous Battlefield games might return to Battlefield 2042 in an upcoming patch, also known as the Marksman Bonus score event.

To achieve the Marksman Bonus, you have to eliminate a target that is 100 meters away, and for every meter over 100, you will get additional points. So, let’s say you eliminate someone over 101 meters away; you will get a +1 Marksman Bonus, and eliminating someone over 200 meters away will get you a +100 Marksman Bonus.

This update also hints toward the addition of displaying actual damage numbers alongside the hit indicator. This will let the players know how many HP points got deducted from their opponents.

One of the problems that Battlefield 2042 had was that it was completely opposite of the previous iterations in the series, which a lot of fans found hard to accept. It didn’t have the unique Battlefield vibe that fans were familiar with. It also lacked features that were common in previous games, such as VoIP.

Since the launch, developers have been steadily listening to the fans and adding the requested features. Still, the game is far from perfect and what every battlefield fan had hoped for.

However, this new update inches the game closer to being what fans expected at launch. It may seem like an insignificant update, but fans have been requesting the developers for quite some time, and it looks their wishes will be coming true.

The reaction to this leak has been positive on Twitter, Reddit, and other social media. Hopefully, experienced Battlefield players will feel right at home and be able to play the game the way they had hoped at launch.

That is about it for the upcoming update, which will prove the return of Classic Score in Battlefield 2042. What are your thoughts on the subject matter and how it can improve the gameplay? Share with us in the comments section below.

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