Call Of Duty DLC Is Being Pushed Into A Full Game For 2023

The new COD DLC is being pushed into the full game for 2023 and it is stiring up the entire Call Of Duty fanbase.

COD DLC Is Being Pushed Into The Full Game For 2023
COD DLC Is Being Pushed Into The Full Game For 2023

There was a recent leak that stated that COD was going to be delivering new premium DLC for MWII. That plan has changed quite drastically within a short period, as it appears that this DLC will instead be released as a fully-fledged game. The transition seems somewhat abrupt, and the reason for it is multifaceted. So let’s see what we know about this COD DLC is being pushed into a complete game for 2023.


  • MWII was originally going to receive some DLC that has been described as premium, but now that has changed.
  • Instead of being a premium DLC, this will be released as an all-new title that will debut sometime in 2023.
  • This change does not seem to have affected the baseline idea of the game. Instead, it will be reorganized into a full title.

When I originally covered that there would be a premium DLC for MWII, the reaction and the information available were varied. We know it was supposed to be an extension of the story and would expand more on the game.

This was received with relative positivity among the fanbase, as many thought that it be an excellent addition to the base game. Since this announcement, the fan base has been split in various ways over the announcement. The original leak came from Insider-Gaming but was covered and confirmed by both ChalieIntel and Jason Schreier.

One of the first problems seems to be that no one understands what this will be. It is not going to MWIII or another remake of a game in the series. Nor is it going to be linked in any way as of yet to vanguard or another series. This is strictly going to be attached to the Modern Warfare series.

Second, this game was not meant to be a game initially but a DLC for the game, the reason for it seems to be based on a few different factors. The biggest is that the next Treyarch game has been delayed from its original release in 2023 to sometime in 2024. Because of this, it left a gap in the release schedule, and to fill that void, this DLC got an upgrade. This more than likely had to do with the profits that would drop without a new release.

Of course, this leaves us with a few concerns that could develop from this. There is a big difference between a DLC and a complete game, not the least of which is the price. If they intend to charge a premium for this game, it has to be up to the standards of a modern game. Whether this will impact when the DLC will come out and how much would be in it remains to be seen.

This could be a great new addition to the call of duty lineup, but given some past trouble with both DLC and games in general, the franchise has to be careful. Only time will tell if it can stick to the landing, but we will keep an eye on the COD DLC is being pushed into a full game for 2023.

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