Judgment Games Are Rated For PC, Hinting At Release

Both judgment games just got an ESRB Rating for Windows.

Judgment games are rated for PC
Judgment games are rated for PC

A latest information hints at Judgment games are rated for PC on the ESRB site. Lost judgment was released in September of last year for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Series X/S. Both judgment games take place in the Yakuza Universe.

With most of the Yakuza games readily available to play on PC, fans of the genre were anticipating a PC release. Unfortunately, due to business decisions, that did not seem possible until now.

Twitter user Wario64 spotted that ESRBs websites show that the Judgment games are rated for PC. This suggests that both the games were submitted to the board and passed clarification.

Takuya Kimura’s talent agency allegedly blocked the PC releases for the previous games. Kimura is the lead actor and voice behind the protagonist of both Judgment games.

A report last year was circling around stating that Johnny & Associates, the talent agency behind Kimura blocked these versions of the games since they did not want his face to appear in PC games.

Nikkan Taishu, a Japanese Showbiz site suggested that the agency “has strict control over the [likeness] rights of its talent, and the use of their image online is still limited”. It is unsure why the agency treats the PC releases for these games differently.

The report also claims that Sega was trying to bring both of the titles to Steam. However, the agency was in the way. At the time, it appeared as if those issues could prove to be the end of the series. The future is still relatively unknown.

Judgment Gets Rated For PC
Judgment (2018) was a surprise hit for Yakuza diehards.

The report mentioned above states: “The game makers have decided that if they didn’t distribute the game on Steam, it would be challenging from a business standpoint, and the series will end with the second game, Lost Judgment,.”

Either way, the ESRB ratings possibly suggest that both companies have agreed to the release of the games and their distribution on PC.

Fans of the games might have already played both on consoles. Still, the resolution and performance on PS4 or Xbox One are not up to par. Since the PS5 is still hard to get a hold of, a PC release is something we Yakuza fans can celebrate.

Here’s hoping that all of this comes to fruition but take this with a grain of salt.

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