CSGO Mobile Could Be On The Way

A new leak surfaced on the internet, hinting CSGO Mobile could be on the way and if it is it could change the whole mobile gaming landscape.

CSGO Mobile Could Be On The Way
CSGO Mobile Could Be On The Way

There has been quite a bit of good news for fans of CSGO as of late. Starting with announcing a sequel game and then revealing all the upgrades the new title would have. Now there might be even more good news as it appears that another CSGO game is in development. In this case, it appears a CSGO Mobile could be on the way, and if it is, it will shake up the mobile game market.


  • A new leak surfaced online, hinting that a new CSGO product could be a mobile game.
  • The leak came in the form of some strings of code that mentioned mobile especially.
  • This would not be the worst idea due to several factors for the CSGO series, and it could upset the current balance for mobile fps games.

CSGO is the grandfather of modern first-person shooter games and the current state of competitive multiplayer. Despite this, the game still has a large and enduring fanbase that has kept it alive all these years. In many ways, these fans would engineer much of the modern player style we see in most video game fandoms.

Now this game being so old means that many people were hoping against hope that it might get some kind of sequel. They were not expecting that they could be getting two instead of one game. You can check out the Reporters On Duty leak on Twitter

We know that CSGO has a sequel called CSGO 2 on the way, and according to a few leaks and rumors, the game could be coming soon. This title could be here as soon as a month or two from now. In much of this information being leaked, we have also looked at what appears to be another title.

The line of code that was spotted references the entry as CSGO Mobile. A tag like this in code is not the most solid of references as it tells us little about the game. But even just that title can give us a hint as to what is going to happen with this game.

Being entitled to mobile means, it will likely be aimed at app stores for phones and pads. The number of game companies with mobile game systems is small, and this would be an open market for the devs to move into. Of course, this could also mean it was custom designed for Valve’s mobile platform, the Steam Deck, but I still think the larger mobile market would be the target. This would also put the company into direct competition with things like COD Mobile.

Now the exciting thing will be to see whether this will be a rework of the first game or a porting of its sequel. Either is a viable option, as modern phones and tablets have so much processing power they can run games like that. With 5g, playing those games live is possible, so there is a lot of potential for this new title.

That is all we have on the fact that CSGO Mobile could be on the way.

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