Cut Enemy From Halo Infinite Revealed In A Datamine

There has been a recent leak that reveals a cut enemy from Halo Infinite. It gives a look at what the game could have been like.

Crusher Halo Infinite
Crusher Halo Infinite

Halo has had a long run of games when you think about it, the first one released in 2001, bringing the series to a nice 21-year run. There will be cut content with that much time and over eight games in stock. Now we have a new cut enemy from Halo Infinite, thanks to an info dump on Twitter.

Cut Enemy from Halo Infinite
Cut Crusher From Halo Infinite

This leak comes from @infinite_leaks over on Twitter, who covered all of the releases for this leak. Thanks to this, we have a very good look at the enemy that would have been called the crusher. This enemy would have been unique in Halo Infinite than many other enemies we ended up with.

The crusher would be a melee-based enemy in the game that would have been part of the Banished. As a melee-based opponent, the primary way of fighting you would have been to try and close the distance and then crush you, hence the name. The creature’s overall design is reminiscent of a death claw from the Fallout franchise, and considering how they would have played, that isn’t surprising.

The creature did appear to have a secondary function as its armor had what appeared to be handholds and platforms on the armor. Due to this, I would speculate that it might have been possible for enemies like grunts to ride on the back of the creature into battle.

This theory might not have been the function of the platform of the back of the armor, but that only leaves one other option. The second option is that this would have been a mounting point for some kind of turret or other heavy weapons.

Cut content in Halo Infinite
Crusher back

I should also point out that, as discussed in the comments of these leaks, this race would not have directly allied with the banished. Instead, the enemy would have captured beings forced into servitude. Whether this would have been for sympathy or you could free these creatures and let them attack the banished is not in the info we have.

All in all, the crusher seems like an exciting enemy for the Halo franchise. It would have fit in with Hammer-wielding Brutes and aggressive Hunters in close combat. So the question remains of why Halo Infinite decided to cut this particular enemy.

The simple answer was that the enemy broke the balance of the game, and it broke it beyond repair. The crusher without armor took twelve rockets to take down. That is correct.

Twelve is the number you read, which is how many it took. Remember that even at stalk-up points, twelve rockets would be all or most of the ammunition for a rocket launcher on a level. You could hope to fight this with the rocket launcher, spartan laser, fuel rod launchers, and other weapons. Given that those are rare, this cut makes sense.

Crusher and Rocket Launcher.
Crusher and Rocket Launcher.

The really funny thing is that they didn’t come to this estimate earlier in production. By the time the devs realized the mistake, they had already developed two different models and had a sound effect created for the creature. This process would be pretty expensive for 343, and it wouldn’t be surprising if they said they would regret letting it get that far.

Does this mean with that amount of investment, there is a possibility that this could be DLC content for Halo Infinite? The short answer is no. They will likely not add this later because, historically, when Halo cuts content, it does not go back in.

Just a reminder that the first Halo prototype had dinosaurs on the Halo Array. Suppose they didn’t add dinosaurs back into the game. It’s not likely anything else as cool as that would go back in, even a cut enemy from Halo Infinite.

Check out the videos yourself here.

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