DC Games Will Now Connect To The DCU Film And TV

We have heard DC games will now connect to the DCU and we are going over how this might work and affecting other coming project.

DC games will now connect to the DCU
DC games will now connect to the DCU

DC has an interesting track record for games over the last decade with its games. Ranging from the wide success like the Arkham games and DC universe online to some not-so-stellar entries. We know this will change soon because DC games will now connect to the DCU. It is worth exploring how this will work and impact both mediums.


  • James Gunn, a famous American filmmaker and actor, has confirmed on Twitter that DC Will now be making games that tie directly into the DCU.
  • No word yet on how this will affect other games already in production, like Suicide Squad: kill the Justice League or the next game from WB Montreal.

It was confirmed by the head of DC, James Gunn, that Warner Bros. Entertainment is making video games connected to the DCU. Mixing multimedia is not uncommon in today’s entertainment, but video games have remained out of it so far. There’re a few reasons why this could work.

The biggest reason this could work for the DCU is that video games are an experience that involves a lot of time and effort from people. People become invested in video games in a way that few other forms of entertainment can hope to match.

This level of detail and commitment could very well be with the DCU’s needs from its audience. This particular form of media would grant the audience the ability to make decisions and impact a DC storyline.

The reason why this might not work is for the same reason video games can be so popular. It is all about player choice. If the players make significant impacts and decisions in the video game, that is an achievement that they hold close to what they have finished the game.

Integrating a video game with something like a straightforward story can also cause problems. Most notably, a video game is about interacting with a movie or show is about viewing. Still, if audiences decide, they will want to see that decision reflected in the rest of the universe.

The only way to get around this we make straightforward linear stories where the player does not have an overly significant impact on the plot. The problem is that these types of games are just not as popular as anything. It will be interesting to see how to studio tends to get around this.

We have not heard any word yet on how this plans the games already in production, such as Suicide Squad: Killed the Justice League and whatever the next game that WB Montréal is making. It is more than likely that these titles will remain unaffected by the strategy as the goal is to add more games to the catalog rather than change existing titles.

That is all we have on the fact that DC games will now connect to the DCU.

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