Dead Island 2 Listing Found On Xbox Store

Dead Island 2 on the Xbox store is official, What does that mean for the game and its release.

Dead Island 2 Is On Xbox Store
Dead Island 2 Is On Xbox Store

Dead Island 2 on the Xbox store is official, causing quite a stir within the dead island fandom and gamers in general. With the spotting of this addition, we get a good look at what the cover art will be for the game. What does this mean for the game and its release date? That is what we are going to find out. This find comes to us from Narutoxfan01 on Reddit, where they posted the images.

Dead Island 2 on Xbox store
Dead Island 2 on Xbox store

The current release date for Dead Island 2 being released on February 3rd, 2023. This date was officially released from studio Deep Silver Dambuster Studios in the new trailers. It was initially thought to be February 23rd due to an Amazon release leak, but it seems to have been moved up twenty days.

Most games released their pre-order addition five to six months ahead of time. Given this information, the discovery that not only was Dead Island two on the Xbox store but that it is a pre-order is excellent.

It validates the earlier leak and gives us good hope that this game will come out on time. This release date is close to 11 years after the first, but better late than never.

The cover art for the posting doesn’t tell us much about the game, but it does give a slight look at a possible character and the game’s humor. The picture features a man lounging around in an inflatable floating pool chair with a drink and a Katana. He is doing this while zombies can be seen approaching him.

We know that he appears to be playable in the game, but we know nothing about Dead Island Two’s main characters or their unique abilities. A pool samurai does sound like a class that would fit in the game, though we will only see when they release Dead Island 2 On The Xbox store.

Update: The Dead Island 2 Trailers Dropped

Dead Island 2 Trailer
Image from Dead Island 2 Cinematic Trailer

The game’s trailer also dropped recently, giving us a look at the same character in his new life in a post-apocalypse LA. We see him wake after a night of zombies slaying in an upscale mansion. He realizes he must go to the store for supplies and show him using a bolt action rifle modified to double as an ax.

We see him make his way through the city, including the waterfront and the Grauman’s theater while disassembling zombies. A quick stop into the store, and he has all the resources he needs.

The trailer caps off with him returning home to find a zombie in his house. He uses an explosive bullet to get rid of it and create a giant mess. He then leans back to watch TV only to realize he needs batteries and has to go out again. As he does, we look at the katana from the leaked images.

With all this, the game is shaping up to meet audience expectations, although this is cinematic and not actual gameplay. The gameplay trailer only showed brief clips but was pretty similar.


Images from Reddit

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