Dead Rising Remake Could Be Under Development

A Dead Island Remake Could Be Under Development and it would be the possible boost that the series needs to continue.

Dead Rising Remake
Dead Rising Remake

Dead Rising is arguably one of the most popular of the new generation of zombie games. In many ways, it helped launch the new generation of zombies and has been one of its longest-running franchises. But the series had hit a slump, and we haven’t had a new entry in a while, but that could be changing soon. A Dead Rising Remake could be under development; if it is, it could be a big event for long-time fans of the series.


  • The last Dead Rising game was released seven years ago, and due to its flop, the series has been on ice since.
  • It was recently reported that Capcom could be developing a remake for the series.
  • This would seem to line up with some of the other projects the studio has been working on and other games hitting the market.

Dead Rising fits in a very odd place in the pool of zombie games we have accumulated over the years. It started as an Xbox game that helped get people into the zombie genre, but it was largely considered a little too dark. The next entries in the series would still have a dark tone, but some truly ridiculous missions and weapons would contrast this. This would help make the series stand out, but it wouldn’t last.

Now it has been just about seven years since the release of the last title, and there hasn’t been a hint of a new game since. Then Jez Corden came out on his Twitter, hinting that something new could be coming. According to his info, he has specified that the game will be a remake.

There is a lot of expectation around this because Dead Rising is owned and distributed by Capcom. The other prominent Capcom game undergoing the remake process is Resident Evil. It is more than fair to say that these remakes have launched Resident Evil into a new era of prominence.

Now this leads many to question what we will get out of a possible remake, and if Resident Evil indicates, it is mostly good things. Like in that series, we will see the original elements of the return but with updates and some improvements. The crafting system is the biggest thing that is most likely to take a return not from this game but from others.

The crafting system is more well-known than Dead Rising 2, but it appeared immediately in the other entries. The ability to create a double-sided chainsaw staff and a wheelchair that launches fireworks and then wades out into a mass of zombies was iconic.

The series is best known for this, and it could easily be readapted into the first entry. Frank was only resourceful in the first game, and it would not be beyond his capability to make certain items.

Only time will tell what other additions may be added to the game or changed outright for the new entry. That is all we have on the fact that A Dead Rising Remake Could Be Under Development.

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