Dead Space Remake’s Creative Director Comments About Dead Space 2 Remake

Dead Space 2 was under discussion about during the interview of the developers at the 14th anniversary live stream.

Dead Space 2 Remake
Dead Space 2 Remake

Some new gameplay and details of Dead Space Remake were shared today during the 14th anniversary live stream. In the stream, VGC asks about the Dead Space 2 Remake. On which creative director Roman Campos-Oriola comments in a jesting manner:

“(Points to PR) Do you want him to shoot me in the face? (Laughs)”


  • Dead Space 2’s Remake has received a shout-out during the 14th anniversary live stream.
  • Isaac to talk more in the Dead Space game is now confirmed. That’ll make Isaac a better character with more depth.
  • New AI and model updates have been added to the Necromorphs, making the game better and a new-gen game.
  • Latest technology AI reduces scripted sequences and adds randomization to the game making the player more on edge, especially while replaying.

Dead Space 2 Remake could be in talks or have been approved already. It is just a speculation but the comment that Roman passed points out that the Dead Space 2 Remake is still possible, and they don’t want to announce it just yet since the first remake hasn’t even been released yet.

For those who don’t know, Public Relations (PR) ensures good public and corporate relations. So the only possible meaning to come out of the specific line is that the PR doesn’t want the information about the consideration of Dead Space 2 Remake coming out to ensure that some fans don’t start looking forward to it only to get dishearted if they debunk the idea of a new remake.

So there is a chance that they will or will not remake Dead Space 2, based on the success or failure of the first game’s remake. Though the remake looks extraordinarily good, it’s a hard chance it’ll fail to meet the fans’ expectations.

Dead Space Remake
Dead Space 2 Remake

Aside from this fascinating comment, the live stream confirms and details some new in-game changes and additions added compared to the first game.

One significant confirmed detail is that Isaac will now talk and interact in the game. The original voice actor, Gunner Wright, says in the original game, they created an atmosphere by making Isaac not speak much. But they are changing that and giving Isaac more depth as a character by making him interact more to the world around him.

New characters are added and have a prominent role in the game. The Plasma Cutter will be made using Isaac’s engineering and not with random parts.

The Intensity Director is also added, which controls the environment and gameplay difficulty based on how you play. Pipe bursting, Dynamic lightning, fog, the light going out, etc. will be implemented during gameplay using the Intensity Director.

More varied Necromorph models reflect their environments. The new game will feature upgrade options, including new components, for each weapon. A new “Skin Layer” system can shoot off skin & muscle to reveal the bone to shoot off for dismemberment to make the game more attentive to details.

Isaac as an engineer, will engage in engineering instead of tasks unrelated to his character’s specialty. Circuit breakers reflect choices, like restoring electricity or oxygen to a room. New side content is also being added to the game.

Some moments in the story are reimagined to create more intense and exciting moments. And by the looks of some, they are an interesting and good change.

The game has more randomized and less scripted stuff, thanks to the latest technology of AI. This makes the game more replayable and intense.

What do you think about the recent changes and if they will make the remake of 2? Share these thoughts in the comments section below.

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