Developers Give Insights To The Upcoming Dead Space Remake

Following the official announcement, developers have now shared in-depth insights to the upcoming Dead Space Remake.

Dead Space Remake
Dead Space Remake

The remake of the 2008 game dead space has some new features and cut content from the original game making it all the more enjoyable for the fans of the old game. These features will increase play time for the game and even replayability with all the revealed features they have added to the game.

However, These features will not affect the main story, and the game will hold its reputation this way with that very well-written original story it has. Not only that, but these newly added changes will reflect the story of the later games. 

Dead Space Remake
Dead Space Remake

Here is a list of new features the creators of the game have revealed in their live stream:

  • They made it so that Isaac now talks to have more of an impact and have some intervention in the story. It will make Isaac an impactful character with all the interaction with side characters.
  • Side characters that used to have no impact and were just in audio logs have screen time now, but it won’t affect the main story of the game, and it will be as it is with some minor added content to it to help explore the lore and story of the game.
  • The USG ISHIMURA is now fully accessible, and you can explore and backtrack to any place on it. Ending the linear movement, so the player can go back to places to experience overlooked details and collectibles in the game.
  • They have added new rooms, routes & certain obstacles to help make the game more explorable and less linear, like adding to the game’s immersion.
  • The Map is reworked with improved UI and a better locator.
  • The developers made it a one-shot experience with no loading time or camera transitions. The developers are using the new generation of SSD to help have the most immersive gaming experience with no loading screens and waiting time. It will give the player more playtime.
  • Zero Gravity sequences are no more straight one-point to other-point jumping sequences and are now fully explorable with 360 rotations. There are additional zero-g sections to make them more enjoyable, just as in the second game.
  • The Necromorphs have more body physics added with the new “peeling system,” which adds more to the shooting experience with more feedback when the Necromorphs lose their limbs with new and improved animations added to it.
  • The new “Intensity director” adjusts the game difficulty based on your gameplay. It changes AI difficulty and behavior, and enemy spawns based on how well or poorly you perform. This feature will help create the perfect environment for every individual and their play style. It will help the game be more accessible to different types of individuals, which is a great feature to look forward to.
  • The intensity director also affects Environmental effects like light and smoke particles, and Isaac’s voice changes based on his stress level.

Aside from these, we might experience more content and gameplay features when the game releases on January 27, 2023. This makes the game more promising and to look forward to. 

What are your thoughts on the latest details of Dead Space Remake? We would love to hear them in the comments section down below.

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