Deviation Game Project Has Been Canceled

A latest news reveal that Deviation game project has been canceled. which sent waves throughout the gaming community.

The Deviation Game Project Has Been Canceled
The Deviation Game Project Has Been Canceled

Deviation Games has been one of the most followed studios since its founding in 2020. With a crew that hailed from Activision and history in the Call of Duty games, there was a lot to expect. But as time has passed, the studio has encountered setback after setback, resulting in a massive employee layoff. Now it appears that the Deviation game project has been canceled, and it is impacting a lot of things.


  • Deviation games have recently undergone massive layoffs that have deeply impacted the workforce and work schedule.
  • This effect has caused the game being worked on to be canceled.
  • This is a surprise for many as the studio had an excellent team and was backed by Sony.

Over the last few years, we have seen more small game studios pop up as employees exit larger ones. This is linked to the variety of conditions and treatments that many studios place on their teams, and it has caused this studio boom. Many of these studios are already having success, but one that isn’t is Deviation Studios.

Deviation originated with members from Activision who had worked on previous Call of Duty titles. When this studio came into existence, there were a lot of expectations around it, but now many of those have fallen through. So let’s look at what happened to this Deviation game project.

Deviation started developing a game sometime within the first year of its founding. This game showed some promise, but the studio soon encountered issues and laid off team members. However, the studio must have had a strong portfolio for the game, as they had secured funding from Sony. Not a small amount either, as it was allegedly $50 million for a new project.

That was well over a year ago, and now it has been leaked by Colin Moriarty on the Youtube podcast Showcase Showdown that the game has been canceled. This isn’t surprising as the studios had laid off ninety employees in the last few months. Considering that the studio had boasted about having one hundred team members, this would have been a massive blow to the studio.

The game is now canceled, and it will undoubtedly impact both the studio and the going sphere in general. This will likely mean the end for the studio, as it will have lost almost all of its staff and funding. For the gaming sphere, this will leave a big impact, as a hundred devs have just hit the market. It will mean more studios will start to pop up, or we will see several other studios gain new staff members.

This will be a big deal across the gaming community, and its full impact is yet to be seen. But with all of this going on, we will be sure to watch and report what else might happen. That is all that we have on the Deviation game project has been canceled.

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