Devotion Game Reportedly Returning To Steam

As per the newly updated Steamdb listing, Devotion coming to Steam is imminent and we may receive an official announcement very soon.

Devotion Coming To Steam
Devotion Coming To Steam

Massively criticized and once kicked Taiwanese horror title “Devotion” seems to be returning to Steam. The latest news comes from an update of the listing on Steamdb that is added seven days ago. According to the listing, Devotion coming to the Steam platform is imminent and would again pick up from where it left off.

The Rundown

  • Taiwanese Devotion Steamdb listing is updated with a DLCAvailableOnStore that shares very little information but hints at the possible return of the game on the Steam platform.
  • After discovering controversial Chinese aspects and easter eggs, the game was heavily bombarded with negative reviews.
  • In addition to the controversy, the game was removed from the Steam platform with a detailed apology from the game’s developers.

Devotion Steamdb Updated
Devotion Steamdb Updated

As per the details on Steamdb, the listing was updated with a DLC added to the game. If this is true, then there is a possibility that the game will return to the Steam platform. The game was intensely popular on release on February 19th, 2019, but was eventually kicked out because of a controversy.

For players uninitiated, the game was highly criticized for mocking the Chinese government in a talisman. Despite receiving massive approval on Steam with positive reviews, Devotion was review bombed after the discovery of the taunt added in the game about the Chinese president.

Developers of the game Red Candle Games also tried to fix the problem by patching up the talisman, but still, it was not enough, and the damage was already done. The game was heavily criticized for bringing controversial turmoil in Taiwan and China and was eventually banned from Steam by Chinese authorities on February 23.

After that, on February 25th, Red Candle Games removed Devotion from Steam. However, the game was pulled from the platform to again analyze the game for any sort of controversial easter eggs. As sad as it may sound, it was never added back to Steam.

Meanwhile, now that we have received an update on the Steamdb, the return of Devotion is still possible. It is unclear what DLC is added to the game and how it impacts over 8800 apps on Steam. But still, there is no official announcement related to the Devotion coming to Steam, and this update is meant to be taken with a grain of salt.

That is about it for an update regarding Devotion’s possible return to Steam. Do you think Red Candle Games will reconsider the decision to add the game back to the platform? Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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