Possible Doctor Who Event Coming To Fortnite

Latest leaks reveal a possible Doctor Who event coming to Fortnite and it could be one of the bigger crossover events.

Possible Doctor Who Event Coming To Fortnite
Possible Doctor Who Event Coming To Fortnite

Fortnite has had numerous crossovers, and the franchise is not showing any sign of stopping the numerous properties that the game has already had events for Doctor Who is not one of them. But this could change as a possible Doctor Who event coming to Fortnite. 


  • Fortnite is currently in talks to do a crossover event with Doctor Who as its next project.
  • The event itself would add several Doctor Who-related materials to the world for players to unlock or interact with.
  • The event will take time to plan and execute as these are only the negotiating and planning stages.

Fortnite has had many properties willing to crossover with it—ranging from popular titles like Star Wars to Megahit anime like Attack On Titan. What properties that I never expect would be selected for hey crossover Doctor Who. It fits well in that Doctor Who is a sci-fi property but is not based around any shooting or combat writing, But it is now being negotiated as one of the next crossovers for Fortnite.

There is still a lot that we don’t know about the event, but a few details have leaked from iFireMonkey over on Twitter. These details give us a brief picture of what the game might look like with this crossover in place. Some of which are exciting choices to put into Fortnite.

One of the most interesting of these is that this event would be two weeks, like some events with the Dragonball event. That is a long investment for Fortnite, but they’re counting on the Doctor Who audience coming in droves for this event. Given the popularity of the show in the IP is a hole that would make sense.

The only character we have confirmed appearing in the event so far would be Meep the Beep. He would appear as a spray that could be acquired by checking out some of the maps associated with this event. That’s pretty easy for many Dr. Who fans to achieve just by checking out what they probably will anyway.

We do not have any confirmation of what of her characters, doctors, or items might appear in the event. Logic would tell us that the TARDIS and the Sonic Screwdriver will likely be added on items for the game. The screwdriver, in particular, would be a funny interaction with the game’s building mechanics.

We don’t even know if this necessarily involved classic Doctor Who or the more modern series, or a mixture of both. However, given the strong feelings of the Dr. Who fan base, if this appears and is done correctly, it will be a big boost for Fortnite.

That is all we have on the possible Doctor Who event coming to Fortnite.

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