EA’s New F1 Game Will Be Out In June

Microsoft’s new F1 game will be out in June and it will be a next step for the series future.

Ea’s New F1 Game Will Be Out In June
Ea’s New F1 Game Will Be Out In June

Formula 1 racing has experienced a massive resurgence in popularity in recent years, and one area in which it has taken the sport is video games. Now racing games are nothing new; some have been focused on formula-style races in the past, but this is different. These are official Formula 1 game, leaving sports fans wondering when the next installment will happen. They no longer have to wonder because EA’s new F1 game will be out in June.


  • EA has been releasing officially licensed F1 games over the last few years that have exponentially grown in popularity, and now this entry is being made by Codemasters.
  • The latest game is the most anticipated in the series, and until now, no one knew when the game would be released.
  • Now we have the official release date and some other key details about the upcoming series entry.

Knowing when a game will release can be a big relief to fans and set up a sense of anticipation. We know now that the game will release on June 13th-20th of 2024. We know this thanks to a tweet from Billbil-Kun over on Twitter. With this info, we can start getting excited about the new entry in the series and talk about what to expect.

The thing about racing games is that they require a few key things to be popular. One is that there has to be a large audience since formula one is one of the largest motor racing sports covered. The other is attention to detail, which can immerse the players in the race setting. The EA’s series has been doing this for several years now with authentic race tracks and cars based on real specs.

Details also revealed that the game would be available on the next-gen consoles and the older generation. While this has generated some concerns, more people can play the game. The devs have also indicated that cross-play should be returning for this series entry.

Codemasters are not expected to break the mold with this new entry in the series but, instead, continue building on the success of the series. Things we can expect to see added to the series would be a new story mode for players to start a career, new cars to drive around tracks, and new tracks for players to race around. Some of these have already been hinted at, such as a new Ferrari being added to the game. We also have strong reason to think that the new Las Vegas track will be featured in the game as well as the possibility of some others.

Beyond this, we can expect the old features to return with this new title. Things like multiplayer will be making their return. Several older and famous race tracks will almost certainly make a comeback in the game for fans to enjoy.

That is all we have on the fact that EA’s new F1 game will be out in June. 

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