EA Is Sending Surveys Out About Dead Space 2 And 3

EA is sending surveys out about Dead Space 2 and 3, it appears the success of the first has already got them excited.

EA Is Sending Surveys Out About Dead Space 2 And 3 Cover Image
EA Is Sending Surveys Out About Dead Space 2 And 3

To say that the Dead Space Remake has been popular would be a massive understatement. It has sold more than most people had thought, and even above that, it has been received exceptionally. This game is so popular that EA is sending surveys out about Dead Space 2 and 3.


  • The Dead Space Remake has been a huge hit for EA and the developers to the point that they are considering more.
  • They have sent surveys asking if fans would be up for Dead Space 2 and 3.
  • This isn’t a confirmation of the games being made, but it seems more than likely now.

Dead Space has consistently ranked as one of the horror games, often compared with other titles such as resident evil and silent hill. Even so, the series eventually hit the road black, and we went for a few years without significant dead space content.

So when a remake was put out, no one was sure what would happen. Given an era of sketchy reboots and remakes, no one was sure if this would be given the proper respect.

To everyone’s amazement, though, not only was the game given a fantastic treatment, but it was excellent in every regard. From graphical updates that made the game disconcerting to play against to better extra weapons that encourage a more diverse playstyle.

Even further than that, the game added new sections and levels that were compelling and fun. With all these facts considered, only one question remained, when would we get remakes of the game’s sequels?

We didn’t have to wait long as it hasn’t even been a full month after the game’s release, and EA is already sending out surveys. The surveys are simple quest forms that ask the Dead Space audience how interested they would be in playing a remake of 2 and 3. This prospect is exciting, as EA and everyone involved would like to capitalize on the success. The original post comes from Dillon Rogers on Twitter.

Based on the general audience reaction, I think most people are in favor because this survey has caused fans to jump for joy. The classic Dead Space games had a firmly cemented audience, and the remake has reached a theme and an entirely new generation.

So it isn’t a question of whether we will get a Dead Space 2 remake but of when. Given the first’s success, I suspect it will enter production sometime in the next few months.

An exciting idea, to be sure, and we will keep an eye on any more news from the Dead Space franchise so that you can stay informed. That is all we have on the fact that EA is sending surveys about dead space 2 and 3.

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