Elden Ring’s New DLC Hinted In The Game Files According To A Data Miner

A data miner has uncovered lots of note texts in the Elden Ring files that hints at new yet to be added features.

Elden Ring DLC
Elden Ring DLC

Elden Ring update 1.07 has mentioned two new maps in Elden Ring found in the code by a data miner. Twitter user@sennoutantei and famous data miner has shared new details that reference two new maps in the game files, which could be new Elden Ring DLC maps. The data miner has searched through text and images in the game files and has shared updates on cut content and newly added unused strings.


  • The game’s new update’s in-game files show Raytracing to be supported in the future.
  • The Data also shows newly mentioned maps in text notes, possibly linked to DLC or new Legacy dungeons.
  • Leakers report a lot of unused loader strings in the text files, which are cut or unused content that might be used in the future.
  • The new patch fixes some icons display and of only one object.

Elden Ring’s patch 1.07 has just been released today, October 13th. The new patch has a lot of text notes in the game files, which hints at a much-awaited Rtx update and a new DLC or new Legacy dungeons coming to the game.

The data miner says that he found Raytracing strings in the game files. It’s something not added yet in the game, and the strings of text show that it will be supported in the future.

Elden Ring Raytracing
Elden Ring string to load Raytracing.

Some informants speculate that the newly mentioned maps are possibly DLC-related content. With the game’s massive success, Fromsoftware also announced that the game has 16.6 million units sold till August since the game’s release in February.

With such a huge success, the developers may announce the new Elden Ring DLC at upcoming gaming events like The Game Awards. Players can expect an official announcement about the game’s DLC and RTX updates.

Another data miner, @sekirodubi, emphasizes the map’s labels and further explains them. According to him, the new maps are labeled as m20 and m45. The m45 one is newly added and not connected to any area. The m20, however, has the same numbering as Legacy dungeons.

Legacy Dungeons are fortresses in Elden Ring where you can find and challenge different bosses and Lords in Elden Ring. There are 6 Legacy Dungeons in the game, and the 7th one is under development, according to the leaks. The number of legacy dungeons required to beat the game is only 4.

A point to be noted is that all of these text strings are Dynamic Loading Casting. And for those who didn’t know, Dynamic loading is a mechanism that loads a library into memory on runtime.

Sennoutentai also reports cut and unused content for two incantation books in the game. The content string was previously marked as an ERROR. Now with the latest update, it has been changed and is no longer marked as an error. This hints that these will be available to use in the future.

He also shows changes in previous in-game things, like the Battlemage Robe icons, which were adjusted to show the previously missing pendant. Some new loading screen tips were also added, which are unused cause they are marked %null%, according to the leaker.

What do you think about when Elden Ring’s DLC will be announced and if it will win the GOTY? We would love to hear them in the comments section below.

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