Eren Yeager Skin Is Coming To Fortnite

An Eren Yeager skin is coming to Fortnite and it is bringing along a few new and interesting things for players.

Eren Yeager skin is coming to Fortnite
Eren Yeager skin is coming to Fortnite

We have been covering Fortnite quite a bit recently, as the game has been leaking new info for fans to chew on left and right. Now we are coming back with another, as the game will release another anime skin for players to use. In this case, an Eren Yeager skin is coming to Fortnite, bringing some interesting extra content with it.


  • Fortnite has leaked that an Eren Yeager skin will be coming to the game.
  • This leak was released through Hypex, who hinted that there was more info to come.
  • This release coincides with the fact that this is the final year of the attack on anime.

Epic Games releasing new skins for Fortnite is not new, as they do it almost like clockwork for the game. The real hype comes from figuring out which one will be next and what they will bring to the game. Now we know that the next one they will be dropping will be an anime skin. In particular, it will be Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan. We can thank Hypex for this news over on Twitter.

Eren is an interesting choice for them, as is Attack on Titan in general, so let’s go over what this will bring to the game and why they did it. The first thing to note is that this is only Eren as skin, so no other characters have even been hinted at. That said, we know that at least one item and some emotes have been scheduled to come with this character. We don’t have a look at them yet, but those should follow soon.

It is also interesting that the Eren Yeager they have chosen to use is one from the early seasons. This could simply be a simple reuse of an existing character model or more. The last season of Attack on Titan has been more than a little controversial, and the manga’s ending split the audience quite derisively. So it might be Fortnite insulating itself from more damage using an older look.

This would be quite an exciting turnaround as it would seem to mean that Fortnite knows how popular the series is, so they want that, but without the fallout that comes from the end. This is an intelligent decision on the company’s part and is not likely to be a complaint from fans. Many still prefer the show’s earlier seasons anyway, so it will be a pleasant visit down memory lane for them while allowing the game to have another popular skin and extra content.

This is pretty much all we have right now, but we will keep an eye out for more, as Fortnite has been dropping content left and right recently. So it is exciting to think about what we will see next.

That is all we have on the Eren Yeager skin coming to Fortnite. What are your thoughts and opinions on the new skin leak? Share with us in the comments section below.

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