Exoprimal Release Date Seemingly Leaked

Exoprimal release date has been leaked and it is good news for those who love dinosaur games like Dinocrisis and ARK.

Exoprimal Release Date Leaked
Exoprimal Release Date Leaked

Exoprimal is a game that has intrigued people with its initial announcement, not necessarily because it looked new or innovative, but because we have gone so long without a Dinocrisis game. So when the game was announced, it had a bit of a mixed reaction where people loved some ideas but also had a lot of questions about the game. Well, now one of those questions has been answered, as the Exoprimal release date has been leaked.


  • Exoprimal is one of Capcom’s most anticipated games for various reasons, and now it has a release date.
  • The leaked release date is July 14th, 2023, putting it ahead of when some thought it might have been released.
  • The game has an interesting premise and is the new big dino game people have sought.

There has been a long-standing history with gamers and dinosaurs, where we always want them in our games. From the early Jurassic Park games to dinosaurs planned for the first halo game to the success of the ARK series. Now we have the opportunity to see a new dino game from Capcom. Now that is exciting for many as they were the originators of the series Dinocrisis, but this praises it for being a whole new series.

The game released a trailer without confirmation of when it would come out. Thanks to this leak, we have learned that the game will be coming out on July 14th, 2023. This is great news because we didn’t know when this was coming out or if it would make it this year.

Exoprimal is a shooter and survival game where players will take to fighting dinosaurs in city streets in full-powered exosuits. This seems to be in a simile vain to some games like Anthem, but at least a bit different as there are more classes. The classes are standard, so you have things like the close-up fighter, the healer, and the tank, to name a few. You will be deployed in city areas to fight against waves of enemies.

That may sound like fairly standard Gameplay, but the thing that has so many excited is that the enemies you will be fighting against are dinosaurs. Apparently, in this game, random portals open up over the earth, and dinosaurs come pouring out of them.

We don’t know all of the dinosaurs in the game, but those we did see included the raptor, triceratops, and the t-rex. I am sure there will have to be at least a few more, but with dinosaurs, the sky might be the limit for what we can see in the game.

Given the game’s overall style, some have questioned why Capcm didn’t make a new Dinocrisis game. Capcom has said that they have no interest in Dinocrisis and that this will be an all-new IP. This could be a great new series for them if it can hit the ground running.

That is all we have on the fact that the Exoprimal release date has been leaked.

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