F-Zero GX Remaster Could Be On The Way

Apparently a F-Zero GX Remaster could be on the way for the Nintendo switch and it could bring a whole new future for the series.

F-Zero GX Remaster Could Be On The Way
F-Zero GX Remaster Could Be On The Way

Nintendo has had several titles associated with them that they do not directly make but are known for. Metroid and Castlevania are two examples, but one that a lot of people tend to forget about is the F-Zero series. So when I say that an F-Zero GX  remaster could be on the way, many people will be excited and won’t know what that means.


  • There is a rumor that we will get an F-Zero to remaster for the Nintendo Switch from Stealth on Twitter.
  • This rumor was initially covered in the Nintendo Prime podcast and from their Twitter feed.
  • The idea of the next-gen or current-gen remasters already caused various reactions in the fandom.

F-Zero, as a series, is considered one of the most challenging and rewarding racing games in the Nintendo library. Each entry only contributed to this reputation, and despite not having released a title in a while, it still has its die-hard fans. Even if you have never played this game, you know it through subsequent character appearances such as captain falcon in Smash Bros.

With a reputation like this, you can imagine people always watching for news on a potential remakes, remasters, or new entries. Now we finally have a potential hit with the possibility of a remaster for F-Zero GX. According to the rumor, the remaster will be aimed at the Switch, which isn’t surprising given that the Switch will be Nintendo’s focus through 2025.

The company that will be handling this is Next Level Games, which is already pretty well-liked because of its work on Luigi’s Mansion. You can check out Stealth’s post here.

If this rumor proves to be accurate, this will only be a remaster, not a remake or a new title added to the series. So I would expect graphical updates, system improvements, and other housekeeping features we see on this remaster. I wouldn’t see them adding a lot to it, but that is the nature of how this works. It also provides an opportunity.

If this remaster does well enough, it is within the realm of possibility that Nintendo may want to continue with the series. I think we have seen enough series get saved from the brink of oblivion at this point to say that it could happen. So if this is true, we could get a new era of F-Zero games.

Of course, it is only a rumor, so only time will tell when and if that could happen. The game would fit into a unique niche you can’t find elsewhere on the platform.

We will keep an eye on this rumor and let you know if there are more developments in the future. Either way, this is an exciting prospect for long-time fans or those looking forward to something a little different on Switch.

That is all we have on the fact that an F-Zero GX remaster could be on the way.

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