Far Cry 5 Could Be Getting A Graphics Update

Far Cry 5 could be getting a graphics update and the fan base is excited by the prospect.

Far Cry 5 Could Be Getting A Graphics
Far Cry 5 Could Be Getting A Graphics

Far Cry always builds a massive audience with each released game, which is impressive, considering each title is only tangentially connected. So whenever news about a title gets something new, it lights up the internet with what it means and what we can expect. In this case, it has been announced that a new and requested feature is being added, which means Far Cry 5 could be getting a graphics update.


  • It has been announced that Far Cry 5 will be getting a patch that will add a requested feature.
  • Many people have assumed this will be a 60 FPS upgrade to the game to let it play better on consoles.
  • The audience’s reaction to this news has been nothing short of overwhelming positivity and excitement.

Far Cry 5 is considered one of the best Far Cry games out there for its mechanics and storyline. Even that is a little darker than most. So when a tweet got sent out that said that this game would get a patch, there was a lot of buzz. That buzz practically exploded when they said this patch would request a much-requested update.

For most people, the first thing that their minds went to was the idea that the game could be getting a graphical improvement. In particular, many are hoping for an update to the fps, making it run 60 frames per second.

This would make the game significantly faster and run efficiently on the next-gen consoles. This would be a treat for the series’ long-time fans, which particularly like this entry.

Interestingly, the Tweet does not show what the update might include. While I think a graphics update is the most likely to happen, you can not discount the idea that something else may be added to the game. I don’t know what else they may add, but it might not be the FPS upgrade.

To say that the tweet caused a bit of a stir in the community would be an understatement. It would be more accurate to say that it caused a stampede of excited tweets.

Most people agree that the graphics upgrade is likely, but most are happy their game is getting some upgrades. It was one of the most popular in the lineup, and while most would agree that the ending was a little darker than necessary, it was still an enjoyable game.

We will surely hear about this more and more as the patch is implemented, so we will be sure to watch. We will keep you informed if we see or hear anything about the game or the patch.

That is all we have on that Far Cry 5 could be getting a graphics update.

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