Final Fantasy 16 Release Date Will Be Announced Within This Year

The highly anticipated fantasy RPG has been confirmed to be in its final stage of development with release date confirming this year

Final Fantasy 16 Release Date
Final Fantasy 16 Release Date

In a recent interview, Naoki Yoshida, Hiroshi Takai & Kazutoyo Maehiro talked about the inspiration for games’ world-building and story. According to the developers, the game is 95% complete and is under the final stages of development. Moreover, we also have received the latest information that the expected Final Fantasy 16 release date will be announced within the current year, which has hardly two months left.


  • The upcoming Final Fantasy 16 game will have a lot of influence from Final Fantasy 12 and Final Fantasy 14 and yet not be connected to any game whatsoever.
  • During a recent interview, developers talked about the story, the world-building, and the gameplay in the interview, explaining all the RPG elements as well.
  • Currently, the game is being optimized, polished, and debugged as it’s 95% completed.
  • The game is expected to release in mid-2023. Meanwhile, the release date announcement is imminent this year.

Final Fantasy 16 is the much anticipated upcoming installment in the Final Fantasy series. It was officially announced in 2020, and so far, there has been nothing but trailers and teasers showcasing the world and the game’s characters.

The game is under development by Square Enix’s Creative Unit III. It is confirmed to be exclusive to Sony’s latest console, the PlayStation 5. Meanwhile, the question of whether it is a timed exclusive is unknown.

As with most Final Fantasy games, Final Fantasy 16 will not be connected to any other game. But there will most likely be some tad bit of inspiration from Final Fantasy 12 and Final Fantasy 14 as all three share a Creative Director/Screenwriter, Kazutoyo Maehiro, and Art Director, Hiroshi Minagawa. Apart from that, the new Final Fantasy 16 is a standalone release in the series that will welcome new players.

There are not many points of interest in the interview; the developers talk about the environment they work in, and how interested they are in their work. Moreover, they also talked about the characters, story, gameplay, and trailers showcased to the audience recently.

The most important information might as well be the confirmation of how much progress they have made with the development and what the expected release date is going to be.

As per the interview details, the game’s theme, gameplay, and the Role-Playing element of the game is pretty unique from the rest of the series. The director also talks about the latest trailer, which explains the base story, unlike previous trailers focusing on world-building and gameplay like summoned beast battles.

The directors confirm that the game is nearing completion and is in the phase of optimization and polishing. Takai-san confirms that the game is 95% completed and is in the testing and debugging process. This is a piece of extraordinary news to share an ear too but the game is not on the way to be released within something like a month or two.

Once again, the developers highlighted that the game is massive in size. The programmers are currently playing the game daily, going through everything to test and flush out any bugs that might hinder the game experience.

Final Fantasy 16
The UI previously showed in the gameplay trailer of Final Fantasy 16.

Now that we have the latest information from the interview, the release date is not far away and is closer than ever. The Final Fantasy 16 release date is expected to be somewhere in the summer of 2023 and possibly during Q2.

Tell us about your expectations of the game and the expected release date. Let’s talk more in the comments section below.

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