Final Fantasy Shipped 9 Million Copies In A Year

Square Enix's Financial Report of 2022 has surfaced on the internet, which details on Final Fantasy shipping 9 Million units in a year.

Final Fantasy shipped 9 millon copies Cover Image
Final Fantasy shipped 9 Million copies

Square Enix has more popular titles to its name than many other studios could hope for, but the recent sales have been something else. All of their franchise titles have been selling well. Meanwhile, Final Fantasy has set a new record, with the news that Final Fantasy shipped 9 Million copies in the last financial year. This was not the only good news they had this year; it gave us a lot to look at for the company.

Story Highlights

  • Recently, Square Enix games shared a Financial report for 2022.
  • The report detailed the different shipment figures for the game, but one of the largest was Final Fantasy, with 9 Million copies shipped in a year.
  • This indicates the success of the game and could also result in making a return to the franchise with a bang in the future.

Final Fantasy Shipped 9 million units
Final Fantasy Shipped 9 Million units.

We recently got to see some of the sales figures for some of Square Enix’s games, and they are undoubtedly impressive. Square Enix has recently shared the sales and shipment figures in the Financial Year Report of the year 2022 for three of the most popular games.

The most successful games include Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and The Kingdom Hearts series. These were qualified for the most sold units in a year.

Among these games, Dragon Quest has sold the least, with an impressive 2 Million units should within the year. The Kingdom Hearts series was also mentioned, but its number of units wasn’t listed. Instead, they only stated that it was previously at 35 Million units total without mentioning the increase.

The last and by far most impressive number was that Final Fantasy shipped 9 Million copies. This is indeed impressive, given that we haven’t had a recent Final Fantasy game raise this number in a while.

Dragon Quest XI
Dragon Quest XI

Well, this likely means we will see more entries in either the Final Fantasy game series or the Kingdom Hearts game series. There is little chance that we will see a Dragon Quest game, as that tends to be one of Square’s underserved franchises.

But the good news is that high-shipped units like this usually indicate that a franchise will continue. After all, game companies will always follow up on the profits to produce what fans like the most. So this is good news for anyone who is looking forward to more entries in these series.

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