Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster Is Coming

Final Fantasy tactics remaster is coming and RPG as well as tactics fans should be excited for

Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster Is Coming
Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster Is Coming

One of the best and most beloved entries in the Final Fantasy series is finally getting a remaster, Final Fantasy Tactics. Final fantasy tactics is a tactical role-playing game that is widespread among the most popular in the franchise. Now it appears that we will have the opportunity to play it on a whole new system because a Final Fantasy tactic remasters is coming.


  • Final fantasy tactics are finally getting a remaster, according to Jason Schreier.
  • Little is known about the remaster, but we can make educated guesses on what could happen.
  • The original game was released in 1997 and is largely considered one of the best strategy RPG games ever made.

Final Fantasy is an exciting and critically acclaimed series. When you look at its history, it saved Square Enix from closing down and has become one of the most beloved JRPG series. While the franchise has ups and downs, some titles are top-rated. One of these is the Final Fantasy Tactic.

We learned about the remaster because Jason Scheirer confirmed it was happening. Of course, since it was a one-word tweet, it gave us absolutely nothing else to go off of. Unless you saw this Reddit post, you might not even have realized it was about FFT like I did. Since we know little about the remaster, let’s go ahead and go over some things from the original we expect to see and some that may change.

Final Fantasy Tactics are a type of game called a tactical role-play game which is a sadly under-served genre compared to some of the others out there. This meant the game functioned as an RPG to make the story and character-based decisions. It would also serve as a tactics game where you employ strategy to beat opponents.

One of the mainstay functions of the game that people loved was the customizable style of play. You would recruit characters in towns and upgrade them as they get more experienced. A squire, for instance, could become a knight or a dragoon if the player chooses.

This level of customization, combined with the player’s decisions in combat, led to a natural feeling of immersion. While we could see this altered, I do not see it going away and find it more likely to be updated and improved with a remaster.

The game’s story is not as famous as some in the series, though, as it mainly revolves around a civil war and a plot to revive Ultima. It has a less-than-positive ending, and given how games have changed in the twenty years since its release, I could see this being updated or revised outright. Even adding multiple endings where choice matters is a strong possibility for a game like this.

That is all that we have on Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster Is Coming.

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