Following The Layoffs Latest DeepSilver Game Project Black Was Cancelled

It appears that the latest DeepSilver game Project Black was cancelled because of the layoffs at the company.

Latest DeepSilver Game Project Black Was Cancelled Cover Image
DeepSilver's Project Black

We have seen multiple games canceled in 2023 that had a strong possibility of becoming big hits. Yet another company has undergone serious action as the latest DeepSilver game, Project Black, was canceled.


  • Deepsilver Fishlabs Embrace had been hinting at project black over the course of the last year.
  • The company was rumored to have received funding import from the German government in April 2023.
  • Due to staffing issues, however, the game has been canceled with limited information available.

Like many gaming companies over the last year, the teams developing Project Black have all suffered layoffs. In this case, we know the game was canceled explicitly because of the layoffs of the project development team. The latest news comes from LinkedIn, an update from developers, and the game’s official artwork on ArtStation

From the start, developers were tight-lipped about what this game would entail. Thanks to snippets from interviews and some released artwork, now we have a better idea. 

The first thing we didn’t know was that this would be a fast-paced first-person shooter game, which was not immediately surprising given Deep Self’s previous track record with the first-person genre—specifically, Dead Island. Even more surprising was that this game would have a science-fiction setting.

Project Black Concept Art
Project Black Concept Art – Image from here.

The general idea was that players would assume the role of a ranger on an undisclosed planet. That sounds fascinating, but it doesn’t tell us what we would’ve been doing in the game. 

The term ranger would seem to suggest that players will assume the role of some kind of explorer/military or police role. It possibly even has something to do with the natural wildlife in question. This concept was also considered singular, as no multiplayer components have been mentioned.

Project Black Character Deseign
Project Black Character Design – Image from here.

Even when the game is already canceled, there still might be a possibility that we could see this title revived when the company is doing better in the future, but even that is unlikely. 

If a company feels they will have to start shelving games, they will start with the ones with the slightest chance of becoming successful. They often pick unknown or undervalued properties that aren’t worth keeping around if they have a better franchise. Most companies also often reassign talented workers from these projects to their mainstream titles to keep profits up.

That is all we have on the Project Black details hinted in the shared artworks. What are your thoughts on the latest news? Share with us in the comments section below. 

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