Forspoken Underwent Massive Changes During Development

Forspokens recent bad press could have been cause by the fact that Forspoken underwent massive changes during development.

Forspoken Underwent Massive Changes During Development
Forspoken Underwent Massive Changes During Development

Forspoken has garnered a reasonably controversial reputation for itself in a short amount of time. Only a few gaming outlets that have not helped this reputation were provided access to the title, suggesting the devs didn’t want a vast canvas. While we won’t know how the game plays until it is released, it does seem to beg the question of what went wrong. According to one Twitter report, Forspoken underwent massive changes during development and has made this situation.


  • Forspoken has received less stellar reviews from a limited number of publications.
  • The game was set to be a center-point game for Square Enix, but this dip in reputation has affected that.
  • This stems from hefty changes during development that irrevocably changed the core nature of the game.

All games start as an idea that gaming wants to pursue because it is a story or mechanic they want to see. This is the foundation of game development, but sometimes we see an idea that doesn’t work out.

Sometimes this is as simple as a buggy release that wasn’t finished, and sometimes it is related to more core problems. Forspoken is beginning to appear that it is in the latter category.

Alex Donaldson originally covered this on Twitter and seemed to have an excellent perspective on the game’s development. He did admit that neither he nor the site he is affiliated with had been allowed to review the game. So he is using the same reviews that the rest of us can access when making these statements. He also wasn’t a member of the game dev team, but as I stated before, he seems to have some good inside information.

Alex states in his post that he believes the pretty negative reviews of Forspoken can trace their way back to the game’s development. He thinks explicitly that it was massive changes that were applied during development that caused this. As someone familiar with game design, I would be inclined to believe him.

The thing is that games will constantly change as they are being developed. That is just the nature of game development. That being said, there is always a core set of principles and ideas at the center of a game; losing those is usually where they go wrong. Alex seems to imply this is what happened as he says there were drastic changes to the game.

Another thing that seems to have affected the game negatively is that it is somehow connected to Final Fantasy Agni’s Philosophy. Still, the two games were never meant to be connected. There was some discrepancy where both games shared the same working codename, which implies a heavy amount of mismanagement and confusion in the working stage.

So many things have staked up against Forspoken, and while we won’t know how bad it is until release, the deluge of less-than-stellar reviews isn’t great. That is all we have on Forspoken’s massive changes during development. What are your thoughts on this update? Share with us in the comments section below.

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