Fortnite And Marvel X-23 Collab Coming As Per Twitter Leaks

A recent leak on Twitter is shedding light on upcoming Fortnite and Marvel X-23 Collab.

Fortnite And Marvel X-23 Collab
Fortnite And Marvel X-23 Collab

Fortnite is a huge cross-over game known for its wide range of cross-overs of different franchises. Now, as per a recent leak on Twitter, Fortnite and Marvel X-23 Collab is possible with shop sections being added to the Fortnite store.

X-23 is a comic book series focusing on Wolverine’s young clone, Laura after being raised as a weapon, she tries to live an everyday life but struggles to do so. She is called X-23 in the comic book itself. Craig Kyle created the comic book for the X-men evolution tv series in 2003, but his book focusing on her didn’t start serialization until 2010.

A whole section being added shows that all of the characters that were in the X-23 comic book will be in the game’s store or that X-23 or Laura will be the only one to be added to the section with X-23-themed cosmetics like a backpack, emote, pickaxe, etc and even multiple skins of Laura too.

Potential cosmetics of Laura include her wolverine costume, X-force costume, X-men costume, etc.

Now, after digging a little bit into it, I found an image someone shared that is circling the community whose original poster I couldn’t find to credit him, this pic has multiple marvel characters on it that could be coming into the game later, and one of these characters is already in the game potentially pointing out the validity of the pic. Here is the list of characters that could be coming into Fortnite according to the pic :

  • X-23
  • Winter soldier
  • Spider-Gwen (already in the game with the season 4 battle pass)
  • Shuri
  • Silk
  • Sam Wilston Cap
  • Captain Carter
  • Spider-Man 2099
  • Grey Hulk
  • Miles Morales
  • Iron Fist
  • Elektra
  • Hellcat

With the new leak for X-23 coming into the game and Spider-Gwen already being in the game, all the listed characters may soon come to the game as well. 

Now it’s possible that we could also see another Marvel-themed season with all these characters, or they might come individually with their packs in the store, one after the other. It isn’t entirely sure either that they come as a Halloween season, with their skins being Halloween.

Some fans despise the idea of a Halloween being fully Marvel-themed, but some are not against the idea and say that the game’s fanbase is primarily minors who like Marvel characters hence the game has so many collabs, so a Marvel-themed Halloween is not a bad thing either. 

But since the leak is only about X-23 and Fortnite collab so far, the information is little to work with and make assumptions. For now, we can wait and look forward to announcements on it. Hopefully, we will see these leaked characters in the game, especially Marvel fan favorite Miles Morales, which could be around the corner.

What are your thoughts on the possible Fortnite and Marvel X-23 Collab? Share them in the comments section below.

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