Fortnite And Payday Crossover Could Be On The Way

Latest details reveal that a Fortnite and Payday crossover could be on the way and it could be a big deal for both games.

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Fortnite And Payday Crossover

Fortnite has had several big crossovers as of late, and more are already on the horizon. A new game crossover between the crossover with DR. Who and various anime has been hinted at. An indication is that a Fortnite and Payday crossover could be on the way, which could be a big deal for the game.

Major Highlights

  • The latest details come from the Fortnite account discussing a heist, and then the Payday 3 account responded to this exact post.
  • This response was a simple “Uhhh,” but the recent developments in the Payday franchise have sent people speculating.
  • If this crossover happens, it will be added within the next few months, as it will be the theme for Season 4.

We have been expecting a season 4 announcement for some time from Fortnite, as there have been multiple leaks that it was coming. Most of these leaks were vague outlines of new character skins with a red background and some lasers running through the screen. These were big teasers and left many wondering what the theme had been. The main theories were based on ideas like spies or what would be true in the idea of a heist.

Not all Fortnite crossovers necessarily follow the season’s theme, but there is a lot of effort to coordinate those things. So, with the theme of this season being a heist, there are a lot of properties that could be used, but it seems the first one has been revealed. When the initial post about the season’s theme hit X, the Payday 3 account responded almost immediately.

Now, the response of the account wasn’t anything revealing; a simple and humorous “uhhhh “was the actual message. But it is not the content of their response that has people interested as much as the fact that they responded at all. Most game accounts like that don’t usually interact unless there is a reason to, and it appears they might have a reason to.

With the theme of this season being heists, a crossover with another game series about heists would be perfect, and Payday 3 fits the bill. The masked robbers of the games series are ironically more famous than the games themselves and would ideally fit as skins for the game. Plus, their weapons and equipment could be easily added to the game.

This also benefits Payday 3, as the game is scheduled for release in September 2023. A crossover with Fortnite would be a significant source of attention for the game, especially when it is so close to its release. Now, it is essential to note that we still don’t know the extent to which this crossover will take, like how many characters it will use or items that will be added.

So, while we don’t know much about this crossover, what we do know is that it leaves us a lot to be excited about.

That is all we know about the fact a Fortnite and Payday crossover could be on the way.

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