Fortnite Teases Guided Missile Return For Next Season

After nearly 4 years, a Guided Missile return is possible for Fortnite's next season of Chapter 3.

Fortnite Guided Missile Return
Fortnite Guided Missile Return

Fortnite is everchanging almost every season, and a recent image from Epic Games’ blog post could be teasing a Guided Missile return. Of course, Fortnite players are used to how Epic adds and removes older weapons and resources from their vault.

A good number of weapons and other items are added back regularly. On the other hand, a few are also regularly removed from the loot pool. These items may return for a short time or blog post special events.

This time, we could look at a teaser for the Guided Missile’s return.

Key Takeaways

  • Possibly, a Guided Missile return is happening after four years.
  • The gun was removed entirely from the game files years ago.
  • We’re not sure if this return will be temporary or permanent.

So, what’s the source exactly? Numerous fans and a well-known leaker HYPEX spotted famous old guided missile in a blog post. Here’s the tweet that sheds more light on the guided missiles in Fortnite Chapter3 Season 4 Competitive Details:

The Guided Missile was a fan favorite in the early days of Fortnite. It was vaulted before the release of chapter 2 back in 2019. Epic vaulted the Guided Missile in the 7.30 patch, which was back in January 2019.

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4
Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

It’s hard to believe it’s been that long since I’ve seen a clip of the Guided Missile. The fact that it is coming back after four years is quite significant. If you don’t remember, here’s how the Guided Missile worked.

A player fires with the launcher, and they can control it after the shot fires. However, you can’t move your character while controlling the missile itself. At the time, this weapon did not deal enormous damage but was incredibly enjoyable.

Fortnite Guided Missile
Fortnite Guided Missile

The best part was that you could use the missile to ride it into enemies. You could ride into a structure or enemy building if clever enough. Some smart players can also save teammates that are down and out of reach by riding the missile.

We already know that the “Fortnitemares” event is also returning soon. Older fans will be pleased if a Guided Missile return happens alongside that.

We’ll see if this transpires when Chapter 3’s Season 4 comes out. It’s also interesting to think if the weapon will see drastic changes. Let’s hope this works out well in Fortnite’s favor.

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